86. What else but prelims...?

finaLLy i'M back ppl... =]
havent been blogging fer a week aldy... been in a sort of a hectic
week lately... with Trial exams juz around the corner...

last week has been a weird week... like got something odd going
on... anyway, juz to prepare for the Gerak-Gempur Exam for Malay
paper on Monday... Moral on Tues... which i had completed today
and yesterday... Malay paper wuz went along kinda alright cz had
done lots of exercises during tuition on the Malay literature...

Anisha has become some sort of a blowing trumpet... as she was
telling everyone what's coming out for the paper as it had leaked
from other schools... well, i didnt bother to know anyway...
yet, i still hav doubts whether i'd score really well as while i was
writing da answers... my PEN had realllllyyyy dissappointed mE..
and stupid ink refuse to come out... therefore had a bad mood..
nvM...da next Malay paper iz nex Friday | hopefully i wil do better

been having a series of "kononnya" unfortunate events ::
1) I lost/missing/hilang my Casio FX-570 Scientific Calculator...
2) I'm feeling sick lately.. i.e Flu
3) I get irritated/emo somewhat kinda frequent
4) I'm facing exam fever...

nw hav 2 get another calc. which wil cost me l0ts.. -__- and need
it by next wk cz Add Math paper on Thursday.. anyOne gt extra?
although i may seem calm on the outside... not necessarily i will
blast you home or wadever la... sometimes, i really dun get what
is happening... not blur case but some student crisis...

hmm... last week went to Ikano/Curve Merdeka Countdown...
with some friends but bad didnt take any piCs coz i lent my cam
to my mum's collegue for some sort of thing going on... and juz
got it back on monday..still as crowded as ever... like the New Yr
countdown... wuz there till 12 something then went back cz the
others went to Laundry Bar at the Curve... i'M stil under-18 & my
parents would obviously refrain me from going there anyway...

guess everyone hav heard that Mr. Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin
had passed away on Monday aftr a stingray that had punctured
his heart...really sad..i hav always enjoyed watching his show..

piC :: Terri - his wife, Steve and a smiling croc... =] crikey!

what a shock...really didnt expect him to die.. juz bcoz of a dumb
everyone shud panggang more of those stingrays
thought it was a hoax or something but turns out to b true aftr
hearing the report over CNN News...

*anyone heard the chinese version song of Superwoman by
Gary Cao Ge/Chaw Ge ? - it turns out to be kinda nice though...
haha... Malaysian singer summore...

bloggg later...