87. A hell of a week ahead...

right.. I.Am alive for now...
seems like ALL the some blogs hav been blogging 'bout da passing
of Steve Irwin... ever since i gone blog hopping... not all la bt quite
a number of blogs showed immense shockness and ect....
even pOp =) sez "Steve Irwin again!" + omg...in another blog that
i was also hopping to... LOL... its everywhere..

there's a slight reason why i'M nt posting piC & updating regularly
that i shud hav... = freakin' triaLs... and its this coming week...

let's see what's on da menu ::

ISNIN = school spt. biasa
Tues. = BioLogy exaM P1&P2 [Ujian Setara]
Weds = Starting of Trial exam, with Chinese[i dun take]+Islam+ect.
Thurs. = Additional Mathematics 1&2
Friday = Malay P2 , ENglish P1

and for nex whole week + another week are totally exams...

aM still very calm now... juz wait till i emo the next moment...
well, weekend are stil free for me.. cz still go out to 1 Utama,
not juz nerdifying myself at home... like some other ppl i noE
but i'd still study... doing some karangan for tuition & reading
up biology stuff and the workbk teacher gave...

what else... i accidentally woke up on Saturday to go to school
coz itz a replacement day again... for upcoming Hari Raya festival
so, it wuz A. Maths in da morning... doing exercises on Normal
Distribution and Binomial Dist.

i think everyone iz sleeppy coz it was unusually quiet... while
starting to do the 'nCr' thing... i realize i cant do coz my calc iz
stolen and only FX-570 calc can do that.. curse the person who
to0k my calculator purposefully... end up havin to do manually
using factorial(!) way...


Sue : eh! awak boleh kira ke tanpa calc.?
mE : bolehlah.. yang tolak, tambah, darab, bahagi...
Sue : ada ke macam tu? lambat tau.. i'm faster u know..
mE : =P


well, i can live without calc. but not for long... as i asked
Pn. Tan to get me a new one... since Hui Ting say can buy frm
her... with a cheaper price...


mE : teacher! i heard frm my classmates u sell calc izzit?
teacher : no la, i dun sell actually.. i order frm the salesman
mE : can get one for mE by Monday ???? urgently

teacher : urgent??? how urgent??? *wif biG eyes*

mE : Monday can get aldy la... *actually it shud be a MUST
teacher : okok... its 36.50...
mE : great.. =]


*I nearly fainted by lo0king at the calc price... the upgraded
one is RM 49.99 at Popular... -__-

gaH! probably wont be updating the whole week...
mayb weekends ?

*howdy Del, prelims this week rite? stil in holidaying mo0d??
it seems so...