89. Weeks to come & far from over...

Sch trial examinatioN iz
officially oVer.. *wEEeeeE*
yupZ... it ended today with History paper which i sux at but
anyhow stil can do... hopefully tt teacher can read my scribbles
writing...cz wuz in a hurry juz to finish it QUICK...
reading to0 much of da 5 chapters of Islam in Form 4 history
- iz gonna turn me into a Malay one day...

*juMps arouNd*

fiNe... itz so fake.. technically, exams iz NOT over juz yet... T__T
since the Assistant to the Principal entered my class 2day in the
same time to invigilate... she told us to come to sch nex wk
for the exams = from the Selangor Education Dept.
and she say that we'll 'rugi' if we dun come...

such a spoiler... no wonder why Form 5s' in other schs are on
holiday for the whole duration of PMR exam.. EXCEPT us...
well, if i'M not mistaken... we'll b taking the JPS paper that we
didnt use for the trials...

Most likely it'll be ::
- Chemistry - P1/P2
- Physics - P2
- A Math - P1/P2

my life iz so gonna be boring eh.. lo0king at it makes me wanna
run away from reality [if possible - but not to0 long]
SPM iz like 6 and a half weeks away... which iz so NOT a time 2
slack around for to0 long... probably will take a long hiatus startin
mid-November... a month or so from now...

i drink lots of coffee to0 lately... and yeaH... it does roCk... =]
anyone else in da gang of coffee? besides, Ka Huey. that iz...

well, it seems we dun hav to do anything for Graduation Day
which i heard from someone that asked the principal...
itz gonna be juz take certificate and that's it... sounds boring...
at least hav some celebrations, right?

got my class picture today... it lo0ks fantastic... esp the candid
one... coz everyone was smiling one way or another... but it wasnt
a complete set... some ppl was absent on the photo-taking day

today, went to Ikano for tea... with my parents of course... they
were back early... so went to Uncle Lim for toast bread and tea
at the same time, there's this dude that look very much like pOp-
with the specs and all... look very alike... later then, went to
Cold Storage to get something then went back home

been hearing lots of music to de-stress myself... its been so tiring
so result to this la... been hearing this new song
  • I write sins not tragedies by Panic! At The Disco...
    its kinda
    nice la something like My Chemical Romance...

but I'm stil listening to F.I.R songs and also Superwoman by
Gary Chaw Ge...even High Sch Musical and lots of other song
in my mp3... some uploaded to my blog in the Music section -
Bolt player and Radio.Blog.Club

GTG... lateR...

p/s :: Delia... the blog skin you're making fer mE muz lo0k
fantastic - kay!... try making it some sort like my current one
btw, abide by yr style?? what's yr style anyway???