92. Life's getting boring

yellO ppL... holidays are coming so0n... =]

well.. starting this Friday exactly... no school till end of nex week
and that shows... no fun & games but study... study & study...
i mean really STUDY... no outing [hopefully..] but juz study laH

today i didnt go 2 sch, starting of my study leave [Day 1]... i woke
up at 9.00+ a.m and studied till 11.00+ a.m - i didn't even touch da
comp. although itz juz in front of mE.. [kononnya vry disciplined]
but till nearly 12 o'clock - i turned it on... swt!...
ltr, Shirlena [the teacher tt teaches da subject-i-hate-Moral]..SMSed
that she'll be free aftr 12 so can transf. the piCs to her laptop...
so, gt ready and sneaked into sch... transfer aldy... then went back
at 1.30 cz got tuition at 3 o'clock... it also seems that the real SPM
papers are aldy here - nearby la... in SMKDU where all the papers tt
we're gonna take is there... they got "bilik kebal" wor... to burn it
no use la... itz fire-proof...only can bom it wor... ahaaha...

after previewing the presentation.. kinda ok la.. not bad...song also
acceptable la... since they insisted on using the Westlife song...
ltr on, they added another song... also an 80's song... dunno who
sing that la... to0 much oldies... *speechless*

neway, last week went back to Ipoh on Friday for some reason...
and got to explore abit of the town la... finally know hw to go to old
town aldy... juz by crossing the bridge frm new town and found that
St. Micheal Instituition where I.X came from and facing it was the
padang besar... one thing that surprised me wuz Ipoh iz nicknamed
"The Ageing Town" cz of quite a num of old folks around... but
there's stil younger ones la... night life wasnt fantastic but only fo0d
went walk-walk at the Jusco Kinta City... i'd still prefer 1 Utama
though... it was a short trip only and came back in the evening on da
following day...

this iz a tortoise... =] it lo0ks like onE.. rite???

got this tortoise froM mE freN, zE wei a.k.a uncle fatty/ex-criminal/creamy
ect. for my 17th birthday early this yr... seems he got it frM China...
he did went there la and surprisingly sent me a birthday SMS while he
wuz there... ahhaha =) he has many nicks which i dunno why coz
YiNky/MustardQ created a name : creamy for him...
well, Shirlena wuz also attracted to this piC and asked me to send
it to her... it has a cover on top of it and itz hollow... made frm coco
shell... and seashells :: as in the head and tiny legs at the bottom...

btw, do you like da name Hari Graduasi or Graduation Day better??
i stil dun get why they dun juz use the English one instead of the
Malay word which wuz 'dimelayukan' from an English word... -___-
well, its on the 31st October 2006... hope can takE l0ts of piCs...
on that day...itz gonna be fuN... =] also got a short talk i think by
some TV3 personality... a Malay guy...

actually intended to post some emo stuff... some light 'comment'
about stuff i observed lately.. but it always makes me think that why
can't life be much more easier... think i'll post about that later...=]
neway, why waste time being emo...? be happy.. (:

you cant afford to study in an emo mo0d... therefore do study
in a study mood... [as in go0d mood la..]

nex attempt :: stay away from the comp. for a longer period of time
hopefully i could do that....


p/s :: wont b updating frequently... during holidays depending..

[[Mission Stay Away from Comp.]]