94. mE agaiN.

short update.... nothing bigg la... juz something that i juz notice
about last time... this person commented as a testimonial in my
Friendster last yr..

shaun liew....
i knew tis guy for 3 years...he's always
i dun understand him at all. he just dun
make frens, damn unfriendly, and always
stare at people as if he hates the whole
at least last year when we were in the
same class, he still talk to me a
little. but now, in 4 adil damn arrogont
man! take pure science so what???
when i pass by him, he just treat me
like a shadow, dun even bother to look
at me .
shaun, im telling u this for your own
good. u i dun expect u to approve this
testi, i only hope that u will change ur
ok... so wadd ya think ppl... actually this person ah.. i also dunno
wad to say// i approved that testimonial to0... to say that i
acknowledge that kind of statement although it may not be
necessarily true... At that time la.. I really think that this *?* iz
so... judgmental despite the fact that this person did say in my
tagboard to mE that.. "I wasn't that close to u anyway..."

how can you judge something that you'd barely know of ???
To get this straight- i'm not flaming anyone or trying to offend
this particular person.... since we're both Form5s' & schmates
fine.. this topic sounds like Janice's one...

actually i would personally feel that to judge a person JUSTLY...
only a person that is really close / best friends.. even best friends
do not comment like that... they comment in a more constructive
manner.. not just "play shoot the cannon before knowing yr target"

alright.. i'm done emo-ing... i'm happy now... kinda stressed-
so, itz well understood why. i dont 'GAR' at ppl.. =)

p/s:: i dont want to put names but i know that you're reading...
well, frankly i'm already over it la... no grudges... i still treat you
as a friend... =]