95. Two weeks iz all we've got.

yellO ppL.... aM backkk... from Italiannies- 1U... food wuz great..=]

havent got the mo0d to update ehh... exam's iz just around...
let's say
15 days!!!! whereas other ppl who take
Art subjs. chinese and ect.. start earlier- 5days

therefore, for mE it starts on the 20th Nov. till early Dec '06...
actually i dont feel like coming to sch but... i felt guilty not going
so, go lah... well, planned already which day not 2 go... nex week
arrangement of tables' nex Friday- prob we'll be shaking hands wif
all the teachers like the PMR students did... and cry? like Jun did

i'm somehow feeling abit mixed though... scared? nervous? GLAd?
exams finally here... we even helped teacher to shift the answer
scripts to the examination ro0m... for us to use then...

my class will be the same ro0m as the 'ketua pengawas' again...
actually quite agree hor... that class like got some bad chi....
i remembered that time during PMR- i got scolded fer asking theM..
why da science question got duplicate ans.
curse whoever ketua pengawas teacher iz that from SMKDU...
dumb lady... neway, the class we're gonna use i think would b the
same one which iz the class used by 4Adil this year... baddd chi...


ahhh.. before i forget... Graduation Day last Tuesday.. wasnt as gd
as i expected it to be... everything went on fine till Cik Ng A.L.
started being super-fierce... even the counsellor doesnt dare to
suggest something coz she bites! LOL... xD
it was a plain ceremony... with added spice lah... like the media
presentation, principal's speech and TV3 personality, Ally Iskandar
that graced the event... itz afterall julung-julung kali diadakan...

the girls ask Shirlena to play Graduation Day by Vit.C from my MP3
but didnt play finish coz she closed it halfway... again coz of Cik Ng
i didnt get to camgolo wif everyone thoughh... significantly wif my
classmates only... coz couldnt find all coz they were scattered
everywhere... + YiNky too

here's some piCs frM some ppl :::

piC by Meng Yean- mE, Anisha, Sue Ching and herself.... =]

we're all in this together! | 5 Adillianz - all present... but we forgot
Pn. Lim... lol =P... piC from Hui Ting ... + Pn. Chan & Ally Iskandar

still got other piCs but itz in my cam & i lend it 2 my cousin before
uploading them... prob aftr SPM? =D

we were dismissed early so all of us scooted off to 1 Utama for
pizza... but stil incomplete coz many didnt go... =/ includ. M.Yean
aftr eating, went wif the others to walk around... with one of the
top student in my class- Sue Ching & Anisha [as pictured above]
probably i'M being paranoid... but walking with them iz a bit odd
they go to 1 Utama as if they're first time visitors... -______-"
and as u noE they are a bit eccentric in a way...
so, walked to new wing and they wanted to go home- they said
they know the way and they got lost.. i could hav guided them but
since they say- they noE.. go ahead la... i went to MPH instead....
btw, this reminds me... i also used to think that Ze Wei iz a bit
eccentric but somehow he's not that kind aldy la...i think- LOL

to cut short, i didnt enjoy my day at 1 Utama and went home since
i got tuition ltr at 3...

i'd actually went to sch on Thursday just because of MORAL...
unbelievable.. and then, went l0oking at marking scheme for history
from Cik Ng- saw Lauranne's and Sie Kee's paper... amazingg eh..
their structure question almost all correct... and essays also nearly
reached the maximum marks allocated... very amazing indeed...

think that's it... hopefully this wont be my last post coz i plan for
my last post to be nex week... =] probably not lah...


p/s:: like del sez- Oi! go study lah!