108. Closing of accounts ending Dec '06

Experiencing slow connection?? can't sign-in to MSN... slow access
to websites or blogggs??
yea... thanx to the earthquake off Taiwan near China where sum
internet cable wuz damaged.. leaving Asian countries without proper
connection of broadband & ect.

i wuz at the office in PD1 thinking what thing shud i do nex...
almost finished every accounting related crap.. and payroll but can't
get pay yet coz boss not around to sign till nex year...

i tried few times signing in to messenger but kept on failing- the
oni thing that can work iz Skype... i used to dislike Skype but with
no choice i got myself an account... to chat during office hrs... LOL!!
despite the surfing iz ALSO slow... -__- neway- any0ne wanna add
mE on Skype- quick aDD!!! = SHAUN.L5 [all lowercase] but kinda gd
that they'd actually give freedom fr their staff to chat... xD

lunch there kinda suck... there's nothing interesting to eat... i went
to MixCafe 2 times- and i got bored... that's when- i play miss call a
few ppl mainly- YiNky, Kaka, Jeremy and a few more... coz i wuz
bored thats all... ahaha =P neway, my office iz gettin' ready to shift
to their new building in Jalan Semantan...

even the MidValley showro0m closed & shifted to my cramped office
pending shifting process altogether... today wuz 2nd last day of
closing accounts ending Year '06... as usual- tons of work...
now i have realized WORKING iz never nicE... onli nicE when getting
your wages/claims.. =] and i to0 qualify fr paid leave... =D

New Year iz just days away and schools' gonna start to0... LOL!!
i juz roughly planned how the countdown night will be wif friends..
nw waiting for them to confirm... i think not KLCC but nearby...
hope my this New Year will be more meaningful than last year..
which i wuz working that time... sad
toMorrow's last working day of the year!! nex starts on 3rd Jan.

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