109. My last post of the year

yellloooo ppl.... =]
this would most probably be my last entry for Year 2o06...
think i'll make this as a re-cap of the year... a.k.a happenings
of the past almost 12 months...

Intro ::

Name : Shaun Liew
Age : 17 years of age by 7th Feb
Sch : S.M.K Bandar Utama

Obstacles of the year ::
- terrifying Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia exam [SPM]
- coping with school somewhat tough syllabus
- pleasing teachers... improving grades academically & CCA...

actually- i dont know wad to type here... i'm juz blank with alot
of stuff on my mind... totally unrelated...

Things that have made a huge impact towards mE this yr ::
-- blogging world...
-- SPM.. again..
-- final year in secondary
-- knowing my schmates better
-- found more best buddies & chuMs!!

& other ect. ect. i dun wann to elaborate cz it'll be a loooonngg
list... these are a few stuffs that i find- i wouldn't be who i am at
present if it weren't for these items stated above...
but all in all- it was a tough time going through SPM... the anxiety
was really building up in mE... & that period of time was really tense
actually... thank god- i've gone through it with hope & support

nevertheless... fun times i had through the year... including the
Student Exchange Programme early this year... as a follow-up prog
from the previous year that i went... i remember Pn. Chan addresses
the singaporeans as our "brothers & sisters" since we're hosting them
they were great ppl- shalom.. jocE.. samantha.. jacob.. & jun boon
well.. they're not forgotten of course... after so long.. i think nex yr
they'll continue da exchange programme... =] according to Ms. Lim la

i still remember on my sExy seveNteen b'day- l0ts of ppl did wish me...
on Friendster... MSN... SMS.. Ze Wei SMSed from China and others
from Singapore... yeps- i stil have it here Ze Wei... it wil stil be here..
& for MustardQ that intro mE to all these "terms" like sweet seventeen
and also sweet sixteEn... ahaha... i'd really cant help to smile/laugh
whenever she & Meng Yean's around... =D

for the rest of the month was mugging towards SPM.... going through
secondary school life... + all the misc. stuff :: crap talking.. hearing
ppl gossip... and some boring stuff throughout the year...
it came to trial exam... until the real exam... xD

did i mention?- meeting great friends/buddies this year... i cherished
it all along.. =] ahaha... including my schmates =D

other than that- wishing those going fr 1st batch of NS on 1st Jan...
all the best and see ya'll in March... all i noE fr now.. YiNky is going
on New Years' day =/ how sad... yea.. i'll miss ya!!

this iz mE & YiNky on Graduation Day... xD

to my chuMs- zuO & jeremy... study well!!! for yr coming exam...
the year has ended- no more going outs aldy ahh!! i have faith tht
you guys would do well in exam... i'll be here for GS anytime...
besides- where would i be without you guys... =]
hopefully i can drive at that time and we all can go for yam cha
that time =] needless to worry 'bout stupid transport problem...xD

tomorrw will be a BIG day... welcoming the New Year... but still
deciding where to go... itz either 1 Utama/ the Curve.. i like Curve
better than 1U though... and also prob going to KL but there's no
celebration... -__- most prob going to Shangri-La for some reason
hopefully they dont change plann again- plz...

to everyone else :: Happy New Year 2007!!!

blogg nex time in the neW year... =]
ttfN. my 2007 resolution will be ready so0n..