yello ppL... seems that everyday is like a repeated process- i guess
for mE la that iz... today was at work again...
reached around 9+
due to massive jam near Phileo...
seriously- EVERY single $%#$%# day iz @%@#$ jaM... i'm gettin
bored of it to0... =/ so, work lor... nothing very new... but can chat
with the QS in my office... lunch time iz always as stupid...

we'rE moviNg... oh! cant wait

yea... those in skool a.k.a college may prob hav a diff life than i do..
how different i dunno la...

but from where Ting said about Taylors sounds bad ::

On the first day of colllege, my not so true love gave to me...
A stupid bunch of stupid people... On the second minute of school,
the students gave to me...
The Loneliness and a stupid bunch
stupid people.... "

ahaha.. *laughs.. i could hav gone to coll if i hadn't got the job la
but since i got it- juz work la.. for da experience...xD

ONE THING :: working there can be super tension... meet
deadlines and all sorts of crap they toss to you- esp. stupid subcons
calling da office every other minute asking fr claim...

after a week plus- i'm getting used to the office environment. get used
to be doing lots of computer-typing stuff & ect. dislike at first- but
kinda enjoy a little lor...


had New Years' party countdown at Shangri-La hotel...
it wuz great lah... having to meet japanese ppl there from kyoto they
were here on holiday- since Huey can speak Japanese to0...

so, we talked & eat before countdown...

we were just posing lah- can anot?????

we had nothing to-do lah... aldy we non-jap speakers... had to
camgolo around lor... to fill time..
the Japanese ppl were quite
nicE.. we all like shy shy... they served us with alcoholic drinks la
besides juices... a tad little la.. but others underage la... LOL!

we went downstairs instead... =)

we went up again and this pair of supposedly gay started dressing
in kimono... yea- can feel the hair stand...
they even portrayed
themselves as the gals in Memoirs of a Geisha... o.O

this dude here.. was dancing at the lobby

we pretended we didnt know this pack of ppl... LOL!! see the red
guy... he's a Japanese comedian.. whereas on da right iz Scott..
he's someone's ahem...

let's get the party started here...

we went to da dance floor and started dancing all da way through
yeah... different songs
and all but stil the DJ doesnt select good
songs.. like sexy back- justin timberlake...

chuMs at the dancE floor... =] pic by Scott

dance wuz superb... until zu0-zuo lost his voice
LOL!! but ok in the end... xD hahaha.. we're one of the last to leave
dance floor...

smileee =]

the best party of da year... although stil lo0king forward to more of
like this in future- ahaha! =D

haha- nicE pic! all smileees.. =]

chum1, chum2 & mE and huey... Y^0^Y before countdown... was
there till around 2 a.m then headed back... if you're wondering
where's hsien yew... he's Mr. Quiet and didnt join the piC... xD

other pics hav to wait fer tzuoo again... he didnt upload all and
couldnt find da CD... shall hunt him so0n... muahahah!


i guess its not to0 late to wish Happy 17th Birthday to this friend
here... and a new blogger...

Mr. Teramat bimbo-ish, andrew chee tat..

party of da month :: creaMy's burfday nex nex week...

should i hav a party? yea!- pool party... i shall appoint Hui Ting to
be my
utmost highest ranking party co-ordinator... which is due to
be held
nex month =]

// whatever is meant to be, i believe will work out perfectly ||