yello people...
last minute entry... its like 12 something and i got work tomorrw..
i'm starting to hate weekdays coz i gotta go work...
& i treasure my weekends SO MUCH!!!
its like total freedom & no strings attached... so you'll find mE
going out most of the time except sometimes- things happen
not as planned and u noE... oh well. don't care...

last friday- after work... rushed to DU to have dinner with gang of
ppl consisting of mE, creamy, Ting, Chee yin, Ying Xin & jean...

wuz so late coz of jam & unfinished work...
well, was in time for dinner though... had Ebi Tempura.. and
talked all the way through dinner... xD

yea... we had l0ts to catch up with a dear friend, Ying Xin...
ex-smkbu left us in end-Form1 to Australia... used to stay
near my house... juz a few doors away... and finally came back
for visiting onli...well, we talked loads of stuff... includ. sch mag
sch/coll life as well as personal life...

so, we got bored and Jean wants to go Bakerzin... so, Creamy
drove mE & cheeyin there... while the others hopped on to Jean
a vERY vERy expensive but damn nice place for desserts in 1U...
i can onli go with my parents coz they pay for it..
at least, it isnt mE coz a slice of cake can cost RM7...
to0 bad they dun hav apple strudle... 'could' hav ordered...

[L-R] HuiTing, YingXin, CheeYin, Creamy & mE..

so... we to0k a photo... the waiter was showing 'that' lo0k coz we
juz sat there and didnt order except for Jean. she left before we took
this piC... we went jalan-jalan... although there's not much to jalan

we even tried ice-creams...

walked to cinema... saw Lauranne said hi and she walked off...
thinking whether did she really know that pack of ppl or juz for the
fun of saying hi? oh well... we headed to TGV and rushed to get
coz Ying Xin wanted to see...
so. okay lor- went to watch Night In The Museum (again! i noE) but
its funny lah... we're like laughing like clowns humans i guess..

after movie wuz around 11+... so... Mr. Nice Creamy sent all of us
home includ. himself lah... xD luckily he didnt bring Chee Yin along
with him home.. lol!! and luckily i brought house keys- if not gotta
camp outside with Creamy's dog... =P


New Year '07 piCs update... first two by Scott...

can recognise ahh?? which is from Japan and which iz not?
(ignore the guy with that fan- he's an imposter]

alright... this iz da full picture of everyone present
ahaha... very cool and nicE piC.. xD

actually there's another photo with the red guy.. but tzuoo didnt send
guess i'll leave it coz too tired to ask him over again and post it up

last photo... i guess... =]

oh well... happy times...
does it last? i wonder... but i prayed- that it does!