hello peeps!

feeling a lil' random today... coz lots of stuff are on my mind lately
...well, as usual- i went to work... then went to school and to the
CPF office to create account today...

work was as expected- tedious. and other nasty stuff 'bout it.
today i went to school during my lunch time... although its an hour
i stil hav time coz wil be going to the CPF office. saw students that
lo0ked very i-dont-know-ones... they're new i guess

that's not the point. the point is i went to the staff room and saw
a blackie- i shall name her Malathi. she used to be a prefect teacher
and still is. well. a conversation started and saying oh how-
Quote i did not hav many friends. Unquote elaborating that i did
not hav many friends as normal students would do.

first thing that struck my mind was simply how'd the hell you know.
she wasnt my form teacher. doesnt know me personally. doesnt teach
me at all. Telling me that she asked a few people. assumingly Ka Huey
and judging that i don't hav many friends.
seriously- what has it got to do with her? friends to me- i go fr quality
rather than quantity... what's the use having them in abundance but
doesn't appear as sincere. it like bitching about yr own friend.

this is so being judgmental. but stil they're entitled to their own
opinions- so fine! Least i did today iz just to explain "my stand". Not
just letting blackie say whatever bitching she wants.


office matters. I wuz having a lil' fun today.. taking time off to settle
the EPF registration thing.. since can onli do it on a weekday without
taking leave. haha xD
ltr went back office- resuming calculating claims and i juz luv to minus
their claims!! ebiL!! xD actually my colleague taught me "the hows"
to minus claims since they tend to claim excessively esp. phone calls

going to b almost a month i'm working here. generally- i find accounts
very tedious. in addition- muz be VERY observant. sometimes i laugh
at how i miss things like charging RM170.00 instead of RM178.00.
luckily- my accounts head realized it before keying into MYOB..

in another case- a cheque was bounced due to amendment dunno who
yang bersalah in one of the staff payroll. LOL! another thing i feel
lots of work iz internal auditing. really itz very ma-fan. despite the
auditors from Ernst & Young are darn lazy.. they're bak for closing of
audit after my accounts head scolded them fr being a snail

after CNY- we're moving! official opening on 1st March... *wEEee*

think i'm so not suited to be in Accounting field. =/
LOL!! xD

anyOne going to Creamy's party? lol. yupp- this Sunday. i havent
got anything fr him yet... =P hav to go and buy... lol

rants ended. ttfn

There's nothing you could say, nothing you could do. There's no
other way when it comes to the truth...