right. it doesnt seem as what i expected.

today really sux. well, i have somewhat reasons for that
simply because ::

Life still isn't a plate of well prepared breakfast served to you
in bed. the scramble egg would be too soggy. the bacon burnt
to crisps and orange juice with too much pulp...
that's the reality in life... seriously..

my house now is in a mess. the renovation had polluted the
air with dust.. the floor is full of rocks and sand.
almost everything in the area iz blanketed with dust..

so, i really wanted to get out from the house today.. the nearest
place to go to was 1Utama... since all the ppl i noE are so busy,
i decided to stroll around alone. while seeing wad 2 get fr Creamy
his party iz on Sunday. lol

went rounds and many rounds. went to see some of my schmates
working there.. but dunno where Kaka works... chatted while they
are working. thenn... went by & spotted something for Creamy.
bought it already. "hopefully" this dudE would appreciate it!!
since i'm broke. the present made me x-tra broke. thankfully..
payday iz almost here..

wanted to leave but it rained. yea- rain rain until flood... -__-

*shud i hav a dinner party? shud i? shud i?
but Kaka and a bunch of ppl wun be here =/ YiNky to0..


friday incident! something happened today- its not very good
at all... coz it wuz simply bad... the bounced cheque was
returned... and my immediate head called me to SEE that
damn cheque... it wasnt an name amendment on the cheque
but it was the date!!!

g0sh! it seems the date wasnt stamped properly & the "2006"
couldnt be seen clearly... ended up getting scolded. =/
as my head dept iz a lady... u noE how ladies scold.. very much
like "chan kai mui"... felt so upset yet stressed, so i walked back
to my place with a moodless face.

the other staff in the same dept. told me to ignore it but keep
in mind the mistake and not too repeat. since they also had
their share in getting scolded... stil i feel upset about it to0..
more of a reason- why i cant be doing accounts stuff...

so depressing that i shud call- Befrienders... lol
at least someone to hear mE!!. thats wad they do.. riggght???

neway... at least the past 2 days i dont hav to eat in Phileo
i went out with my collegues and ppl from EIB.
the secretary drove ler... went to Seapark to eat Duck.. =]
and second day went to Paramount.. HR from TSH drove us
the JOY!! nicer food and kinda cheap to0... xD

i'm having a day from hell... it wasn't going so well..
when i joined this company... =/

oOo.. nex week got Death Note 2 movie release...
anyone wanna watch??? think it'll be quite nicE...=]

will hav to get out of the house again tomorrow.. they're gonna
drill.. knock and ect. most important thing! cant even sleep!
hopefully the party would b able to bring myself back to its
original state.. to prepare for Monday!!

i just prayed that hopefully everything would go perfectly well


a very impromptu piC... taken by Scott J. Wong

lol. i think itz the last.. last piC.. although there are more..
thanx a bunch buddy zuo-zuo fer sending this... =]