finallyyy... i'M updating =]

been quite a busy week coz end of the month... and all payments
or such ect. muz settle and all... haha xD

its considered an 'alright' week la... not much of not-so-nice stuff
happening in work... or probably i'm used to it? LOL!

where shud i start?

alright la.. work first... My big boss, CEO of *** company had his
birthday over in the head office the other day... juz nex door to my
office la... and we all went over to celebrate after lunch.. xD

the one cutting cake iz the CEO, Mr. Tan and his elder bro
the Managing Director of the whole company

we had cake for a whole lot of ppl... nicE tiramisu =] and pizzas for
everyone la... which wasnt much... like 4/5 pizzas onli

the birthday boss! with all the secretaries and staff

the one in white nex to boss iz my Head Dept of Accounts. the ones
on 2nd frm his right is his secretary.. the one in black on the right
iz "modern kind" of Malay.. very one kind of behaviour... -__-

oh well. had fun then went bak to office to work... LOL!
will see this bunch of ppl again on the opening of the new building
in March... hahah!!

went to lunch wif my colleagues on Friday... lots of ppl were on
leave so took d opportunity to run frm office... not letting GM see us
...LOL! they drove again and went to nearby Paramount fr lunch


Had Kaka's farewell the other day in 1 Utama... Secret Recipe...
which wuz rather a formal dinner where juz hav dinner... chat and
camgolo and enjoying the last moments...

mE and Kaka... =]

there we were... chatted mostly coz didnt hav much in mind...
and she didnt cry though... we were doing lame stuff... hhaha xD

all of us there =D

i think i need to intro this... this iz my friend.. =)

finally- Kaka treated us all dinner and gave us all a hug while
going back... =] well, known Kaka since Form3 and had l0ts of
issues back then... immature times.. lol..

she's good listener i would say... we can juz talk abt anything
under the sun... after knowing each other through the years...
it juz seemed amazing...


today went to watch Death Note 2 with chuM1 & chuM2 at
supposedly TGV but they dont let us in... so we went to GSC to
watch it... TGV has such a bunch of stupid ppl...

well, the movie was ok... quite nicE but was rather longgg...
and we came out wondering why this and that happened... LOL!
Light had himself killed in the end as well as L... is there a Part3?

well... had lunch.. walked around... went to the Sony Ericsson
Roadshow... and Jeremy answered a ques correctly and got a
souvenir and plus extra coz using Sony Ericsson phone...

then went to test my phone i juz got... a SE K610i with 3G.. =]
anyoNe i can video call to???? 7 pm to 7 am - FREE!!
but first gotta upgrade SIMcard first.. LOL...

kinda clear hor? but isnt really clear when enlarge la..

that's d Lee Hom concert that's on in March? or izzit April?

thenn... went to J's house... to lo0k-see... he has a nicE mini pond..
with tortoises and fish... seems the tortoise bites the fish.. xD
not always la... thenn. went for dinner with his dad and sis...
his sis says - "different company have different system of SAP"

after that- went back home... thanx to chuM2's dad aftr dropping
chuM1 off at home... zu0 iz forever tired lo0king... -__-
while Jeremy iz so dedicated towards his Leo Club thing... xD

Huey : did u feed him well???
mE : of course Jeremy did! or at least i think so...?
Its wuz another fuNN day =] nex week's RLC!

gtg now...

ttfn. leave msg if got anything.. plz&tQ =]

p/s :: i messaged Yoke Yin today!!!!! she's at NS... finally she
did SMS coz i wuz miss calling but cant get... lol.. xD