wooo!!!! its a holidayyy...

finally it is one... kinda bored working every day...

really- it is!! stare at the comp. doing crap Accounts... but
this week iz rather relaxed.. coz less work. i wonder why.
simply cz i really hav nothing to do... i'd juz surf the net/blogs
while working... lol... but at times- got work la...

today's a holiday!... its Thaipusam for Selangor and KL got
some FT day which coincides on the same day.. lol

today to0...
brought chuM1 & chuM2 to a condo nearby my office to play...
badminton.. gym and also swim... then went for dinner at the
6-10 Grill near zuo's house then hang around be4 going bak..
thanxx tzuOo for dinner =]

simple update today. nothing much lol... no mood to blog anyway

to those invited to my 18th B'day... sent an invitation to yr
e-mails aldy... plz check and reply... =] posting wishlist- so0n!
alright. to some that haven't receive la. its either i forgotten 'bout
you... or i'm simply thinking whether to invite or not. that's all

something bad happened today too...
my friend/buddy whacked me on the face... so it had a cut and
wuz bleeding a lil' on the nose... and it wuz for a stupid reason.
stil kinda upset about it still though... =/
my first time gettin' whacked. by my buddy too... swt+speechless

if it were someone else- i could whack them back righht???
but a friend? i would think never.

seriously- what worse things could happen?
i could get fired? cz i did some moderately serious mistakes
during work..

but i'M thankful each day for the ppl that i have continuously
around mE... =) where would i be without them? prob down
somewhere emo-ing... lol... really thank god for u guys..

neway- gotta blast. tomorrw working... -__-