alright.. my very own wishlist...

actually i'M not very fond of this wishlist thingi... simply coz its
still a wishlist... not that necessarily it'll materialize...

anyway, its juz a 'guideline' la... what i prob like and prob not
like as presents... i'M not being xtremely choosy la...
  1. mp3 player... cheap/not cheap
  2. a Sony Ericsson K610i silicon case
  3. sling bag/backpack - this?? i ned to put stuff..
  4. a stone lamp (i really want this!!!)- this to0?
  5. For One More Day by Mitch Albom(1oni!)- any wan 2 get me this?
  6. nice headphones with mic
  7. multi-picture frame set- how 'bout this?
  8. a nights' stay in a hotel with gym & all... - this?????
  9. nicE tees...
  10. PS3.. =D - this? o.O
  11. a laptop pouch
  12. ipoD nanO ?
  13. *items that are priceless* to mE
kay... i think that would do juz fine... at the moment..
till i find some interesting things then will add-on....

let me elaborate a lil' on the *priceless item*... it actually
can be an item or not... i think those who know me all these
years 'might' know what is it la... or not...

honestly- i've always wanted this but can never seem to be
able to get it... through high and low. though hope is frail i
slowly gave up from even looking for it... oh well...

anyone can tell me what is it? tell me but not here...


list of items that i do not want seriously... coz someone came
up to me and list me some items that i REALLY do not want
  • lame items like a a kiss from whoever... hug from whoever
  • very lame items like condoms..& any other sorts equivalent
  • really lame items like underwear... and other ect. crap
right. thats it. =]

fr some tht are stil unclear la...
my REAL b'Day iz on the 7th Feb...

not on the 2nd or whatever date besides tht kay!!... coz it
seems dear Meng Yean SMSed me on the 2nd Feb wishing mE
i went O.O i thought i forgotten/sumthing... but wuz a mistake
la... she accidentally thought its on the 2nd.. nvM- forgiven =)

proves that at least someone remembers la...
ya!... Meng Yean- love u babe! xD... jkjk

those who are reading this and invited. do remember to come
ahh!! if forget- refer to invitation e-mail. those not yet reply
pls reply so0n... through invitation as well...

anything else can ask mE =] kay!

hmm.. hav i really stopped emo-ing? o.O