hello world...

today seem VERY random coz i dont hav anything particular
to bloggg about... yea. so uninteresting lately.

March is finally here. just nex week. you ppl know what it means
i'm kinda worried till i have nowhere to stand.. losing faith...
no place to go... no one to lean on... fallen from grace...
i feel like hiding from this world... wish i could.

someone make it interesting... can?


neway, finally i moved to my new office already in Jln Semantan
did packing be4 New Year and came on Friday to move everythin'
and to assist the movers...

going to work there is much more complicated esp by car... lol
so, that day tumpang my colleague to go to the new building...
to help unpack so that wouldn't hav to stay over the weekend..

there were tonnes of accounting files and audit stuff... we packed
it to the filing room compactor

this the seating place for staff...
mine's like this but not actually here.. im on da 10th floor
this is on the 11th floor...

after packing... we went touring the place... the timber floor was
kinda slippery esp while wearing socks... LOL! anyway it damn NICE

this wuz at the 12th floor [top floor]
in the group MD's room.. there's a plasma!

later we continued to enjoy ourselves by taking piCs....

including myself lah... lo0k!! there's another plasma

and then continued to tour the showroom on the 2nd floor...
guess what... the lift is operated by people... which means u can't
press buttons to get on the lift... got some lift dude that controls it
why am i not amazed? o.O actually quite...

there's d showroom.. but it isnt quite ready
but we juz toured... another niCE place...

as usual.... had to do this...

they had installed very niCE timber flooring...
the one i'M standing on is White Oak..

they had others too la... like the winchester coffee and doussie..
as timber flooring... but some install as half carpet & half timber
so stylish... xD

that's for today... will take more on the official opening.. =]

p/s:: the whole building plays Hitz.fm... so everyday will get to
listen to radio... they play it over the sound system.. hw unusual.

Monday hav to take bus to&frm work... how horrible is that...
right. its NOT horrible... its "exciting-ness"

[piCs taken with Sony E. K610i]


yea... yea... Lauranne... dont have to be so excited.. LOL!
i just noticed something that's kinda similar with the other blog
of a friend
... the topic i mean...

its something essential and maybe important in life i would say..
and also something i rarely see... [of all the bloggs that i hop to]
every other day...

elaborate more some other day... to keep you in suspense longer

gtg now. ttfn.