yeLLO ppl...

i finally can blogg already coz got temporary comp for me to use...
actually can blogg in office wan but kinda busy doing accounting
these days... so, nw only can online...

oOkay... Lauranne... time that i spill the beans...

[note: its not a very BIG deal... juz random thoughts]

somehow days that i surf around... blogg hopping... and reading
Wikipedia and ect... the topic from two blogs that I "so-happened"
to be reading one after another...

its Friendship

yea.. some u ppl probably think its no big deal... actually to mE..
it iz no big deal... just that its something i NEVER rarely see
in bloggs.. or hear anyone talking about it...

UPDATE: friendship IS a big deal lah... i appreciate them very much..

Some friends play at friendship, but a true friend sticks closer
than one's nearest kin.

The Bible, Proverbs 18:24
one thing surprising: they're both taking their friendships seriously.
As far as i know... not everyone's like that nowadays... although
they maybe far apart- obviously the relation is there...
and alive!...
right? Lauranne?

From somewhere...

*friend who supports others only when it is easy and convenient to do so is called a “fair-weather friend”.

*A friend who supports their own friends through emotional difficulties is a
“true friend.” This term also denotes a large degree of altruism, in that the
true friend often sacrifices something of his or her own (usually their time and resources) in order to help the friend in need. True friends also are known to
be very rare.

*A “best friend” is a friend to whom one feels closest. It is usually implied that the relationship is reciprocal

I have had my share of fair weather friends, to think of it... i got plenty
of fair weather ones'
but thank goodness I have some real ones too..
at least my closest friends and I do my best to reciprocate...
makes me believe there's such friendship in this world..

"People spend too many hours at work or are too focused on earning money.
I have heard friendships being called “so last century”. Wht does tht mean?
Is friendship now unfashionable? Maybe this loss of friendship is linked
to the fragmentation of our society?
Even "Networking" has replaced the
word friendship.
-from somewhere

kinda untrue. although I spend hours at work. i'd stil try my very best
to arrange & meet-up with friends although some are not quite successful
or even interested at all... [proves i'm not a workaholic.. Delia...]

at least- i made the "effort" right? someone pls say yes.. cann??

Friendship being treated last century? no, never in that way..
mutual helping and understanding has proven lots to me- life without
friends or even acquaintances/colleagues would be 55% boring. xD

but then again. some friends call you when they need u of a favor
and if they don't need you- they don't even bother to call..
that's life. experienced this few times. agree? lol...

again. any views? put a note on tagboard wad u ppl think la...
everytime visit here never talk wan... -___-" i noE who la

all in all. two-thumbs up for
Lauranne and Janice
-can't help but to feel happy for you ppl =]


This is so belated entry... coz didnt hav the time to post stuff
about my biggg company's opening event at the new office..

mE and Cassie... xD

mE and the Accounts ppl...

[note: these are d gang of wonderful Accountants]
where would i be without them?
i.e- crap! how to use MYOB/S.A.P?? or do accounts??
Solution: these ppL.. =]

staff of EMSB... with bosses and execs...
nicE hor? lol... xD

kay. wil upload more piCs ltr...
gtg now. pray hard for Monday!