hello again ppl...
its mE. the RED guy....

nvm. being lame due to boredom. its serious this time.

why? i come to work. work aldy. go home.
ya... its a 'repeated process' i'm getting bored of it to0..
well, i'm stil in da office now.. i'm staying back for no reason

actually there's nothing new lah.. i got my staff ID btw...
and a access card. they started using it aldy.. almost every door
needs d card to enter... said for 'security' purpose...

lol. did i mention there's rats around or rather Mickey Mouse
roaming the office... xD there's now poison and glue around the
premises... swt.. it even got into the drawers...
should they get a cat...?

hmm. i'm not emo-ing.. just bored. =]

here's something related to my previous entry.

lol. yupp- friendship. i got this one from chum- Jeremy on my
18th birthday. definately something i'd remember for a long time
the poem was something 'too good to be true' at first. but slowly-
i believe that it can happen when u believe that it does.

with effort of course... you can't just sit there waiting...

How's god in your life? tzu0o- Mr Buddy would always ask...
for a moment, i'd always *think* how is my day actually. some
days- i feel like its horrible. some days- i feel its good...
but answer is- yup.. i feel god's presence sometimes.
but i'd still wonder.

here's another piC-

this ro0m can buy a house... room of my company's Group MD..
so grand... got a air purifier wor... xD


ok. that's it. very sien aldy..