fine.. i'm feeling miserable.. izzit emo? o.O
-__- rite- nex time. i shouldnt take leave... nor allowed to do so..
such crap la working world is...

just 1 day and everything's upside down... wad if i resigned?
would that make it worse..? they're so giving me pressure..
shud juz lock the cheque book in da drawer & no one can take

stil the only joyful time is lunch time... LOL.. xD

well. i took leave wasnt just for fun.. i took that so i could
achieve something.. xD yea.. i even did! thank god..

wuz chatting wif Hen a.k.a Henry that day... during work..

Henry: ur nick ah...
mE : *looks at nick on messenger*
Henry: so emo..
mE : o.O? yahor... kinda emo..
Henry: ....

*well. yeah.. sometimes i do emo once in a while.. but not
like last time.. now- i saw hope..


i feel like travelling but no one wants to... swt...
after Delia went to China... suddenly had the urge to travel..
ahaha... xD

i even thought of travelling alone... sounds challenging.. xD
like previously over the causeway..hmm... LOL


this week got the church vibrant youth group again... was just
wondering whether to go.. coz previously was kinda in 'culture shock'
well. its purely unusual.. me waitin' laurannE

they even have this cell group. neway- i feel its fun to go.. just
shocks a little... xD

this entry iz kinda meaningless. coz i'm bored... help!- im dying!

k. gtg...
ttfn. =]