back again to blogg... =]

tomorrow's my last day working at Ekowood... all the bitter sweet
experiences finally coming to an end... honestly- it my first kind of
"serious" job... the last time i work was kind playful and all.. xD

not denying- i had a fair-share of so-called stress lah... some politics
and a variety attitude of working adults... being under a lady-boss..
was additional stress... ESP. when its tat time of month...

lotsa accounting stuff that i hav never learnt before finally exposed to
mE through this jobb... also being part of HR... and P.A to my GM
ahah.. I even got a nicE reference from the company.. xD
its a public-listed company ehh... LOL!

mEt great people... what's auditing all about.. company processes..
accounting terms.. HR stuff...>?...xD

newayy... it wuz totally great there... do i miss there? probably?..
well. it definitely has to come to an end... can't be working 4eva..

tomorrow gonna hav a farewell... xD its either lunch or dinner lah..
and i'M driving to work tomorrow.. *weeEEe*
kinda nicE but hav to b careful to0... LOL... xD

wait fer piCs... cann??


on a lighter note. i'm feeling emo these days...
mayb coz i think too much about life... xD it can well be good..
bad or miserable... swt -___-

i thought i could be friends with everyone. instead- not....!
it wuz some kind of complicated situation that i dont even know
wad the crap its all about.. someone could tell u that its sunny
today... but could that someone tell that tomorrow will also be
just as sunny?.. it might be cloudy -right???

"as if" your dear friends would put your needs first...
fact is- no one will put your needs first if you dont... gotta be
self-reliant in the end...
...they'll watch you fall and making it a laughing stock...

helpful ppl helps ppl... though it mayb a favour... or a simple help
after helping- some ppl forget to appreciate the help given to them
after "being helped"... not that they owe you anything that they hav
to DO IT FOR YOU without being shown a gesture of appreciation...

i find that so pathetic... i've seen that kind of thing in my office...
as if the benefit is for those helpful ppl... NOT OK!! its for your
benefit! not theirs... you get the credit- not them...
its "A grade" in your project not theirs...

have you ever wondered "How does it feel ?"