i feel like blogging again.. =]

right. today was my college orientation...

one word- boring!!... arrived at 2 something... went to get my
welcome pack.. they gave me a statement of account to settle
my fees for the semester...

Year 1 in my programme is called freshman... xD
so, went to 6th flo0r for the orientation.. quite alot of ppl la..
but there's like none that i noE... listen lecture till 4 sumthing

then they ask us to go 10th floor... to get d course list and da
subject registration form... everyone wuz like lo0king at the t/table
and rushing to pick the subjects... i wuz like blurr as usual..

but i met some ppl... one guy from China... his name was Erik?
and another Malay guy... think gonna be in diff class coz we choose
different subjects.. and gawd- i chose to do Biology... out of 3
yea- and i started immediately... and wuz d oni new student.. swt..


Bio class are from 6-9 o'clock at night... -__-" and we're learning bio
from d basics!! so much it reminds me of Form 4 Bio... xD
quite ok la.. got like 11 students oni... the teacher's quite nicE..

and the environment wuz VERY different... o.O
*shock* i'm actually in college!!..

tomoroow classes start 2o'clock... its gen. psychology... i chose that
over college maths... haiz.. their classes clash- if not cud hav taken
both... hope i'm not that blurr again tomorrw.. =)

and meet NEW ppl!! =]

k gtg sleep.. ttfn.