yell0- "orang-orang"....=]

today not so bored la... went to coll to settle documentation for
enrollment... so din go for SMKBU Aerobikthon...
kak meng yean- ask to go... haiz... can't again..

seriously- haven't been seeing u guys for a long time leh...
all i do is see you all- online... LOL.. xD
okok- my fault... suppose to yumcha but din go for 2 times d...

wait for creamy come bak then arrange again.. k? =D

btw, who goin' Jun's wedding nex week ahh?? oni mE mehh??
after she married then got kids... yea- she wan kids.. xD


*Taggg!! went blogg-hopping... and decided to do some tagging

My five dislikes :

1) People.who pretend to be something they're not. a.k.a hypocrites
= cant ppl juz be themselves??? instead of putting up a mask..

2) I dislike people who think they're damn special and cant mix with
others... something like - oh this guy is un-cool, so i dowan hang
out with that fella...

3) I dislike untrustworthy people.

[not worthy of trust or belief; "an untrustworthy person"]

4) I dislike Moral and Sejarah. Subjects that are total crap...

5) I dislike people who dont keep their promises. unless for some
unavoidable circumstances.


Tomowo my coll start lo... xD
so excited =D but YiNky like so miserable after like few days oni..

hope that i'll meet go0d ppl. great coll friends. and good friends
not those 'serong' ones... xD gosh- its like a new life of some sort
and to forget all the past... yea- i definitely need that!

Eric leaving for Korea today... haiz... he ask me out again today..
but cant coz got Vibrant Youth in the afternoon and Gala night...
he cant be that desperate, right? LOL


Rihanna's new song.. 'Umbrella' sounds nicE.. feat Jay-Z.. xD
"stand under my"
her music-video was very o.O

k. finish. blogg ltr... ttfn

"All I ever wanted was for you to know
Everything I do- I give my heart and soul"