yello ppl... =]

this week is totally boring... well. got classes cancelled this week
one class of biology... and 2 classes of public speaking...

juz when i thought- coll would be dang exciting... LOL..

anyway. nex week got my 1st quiz which iz General Psychology..
and its accounted to be 15 % of final exam.

so not something to screw at... gotta read and do exercises...
darn thing. i don't even hav a textbook... coll bookshop no more
stock.. or outside selling dang expensive...
thankfully- i photostated the first 3 chapters... ahaha.. xD

quiz wil be on first 3 chapters... yea- in 2 classes... she wuz like
talking equivalent to a speed of a bullet train... and we hav to
constantly pay attention... or we'd think she's talking German...
anyway. i think lecturer's kewl... or not.. xD

I had a hard time explaining what's 'photocopy' to the China dude.
alternatively- photostate... he doesnt understand either.. -__-
[he's my classmate]

I remember Eric telling me that- I should be hanging out with my
college mates more than my other friends.
i mean u've been wif ur classmates 4 so long..y wanna waste time
hanging out wif them again??
so, that left me thinking wtf is up with him... does he 'indirectly'
mean that i shud be going out with him often..? LOL...

i shud really recommend him to ::

*lo0k! its a pwincess frm Far Far Away Land*

and calls herself princess ting-ting
*hides away from Hui.Ting*
UPDATE: in any case someOne sues mE(wtf- LOL!!)
© OgrE Pic belonGs to Mustard/HuiTing =]

ok. thats so dang funny... i cant help but to laugh my heart out
when i first saw that pic... LOL... xD

Conclusion:: End of college week 2... and i'm kinda enjoying it.
is that normal?? o.O

oh ya... Aaron Lee called me a while ago... out of the blue...
talking some stuff *surprisingly* LOL...

think thats it. cya.. =]