kayy.. i'm here again. sry for the lack of updates
usual la... busy with college stuff and all... today's free cz no class

this week is really bad lah... was late for gen. psychology class
not once but twice!!.. due to useless RapidKL and its slow like crap
next time.. hav to leave the house more or less 3 hrs in advance...
just to reach earlier...

shud consider using Minibus nex time...

right. teacher confirmed aldy.. 15% psyc quiz is nex week- Monday...
and crap- haven't finished studying it yet.. and so not gonna screw
the test... wish me luck!! =]

got a topic for my biology assignment.. now- is to do the asgnmnt -_-
and Public Speaking Dr. Steven had gave us *unusual* topics that
we had to do a speech on... LOL

Brazillian Waxing
Silicon Implants/Enlargements
Erectile Dysfunction...

and i proudly chose- G-String!! xD all these were sensitive issues
& we're assigned to present it in a professional way...
well. i finished it anyway.. juz waiting to present it... xD this wud
be my 2nd time presenting... and yea- they're supposed to comment
about you..[lecturer & audience]

one comment was that-
they cud see the whiteboard through my hair. =O and yea- i'm
quite nervous... since it was my first time. lol..


Junn's wedding... =]

okiE. last.. last.. week... i went for Jun's wedding at her house la..
together with my other classmates... xD
it was the normal typical Malay kind of wedding la.. no surprise...
there were lotsa ppl lo... so-Malay style.. went there about noon..

Jun's is da bride.. d gro0m- not sure who..lol

so. after that we lo0k-see.. then go makan makan.. with the others
thenn chat... until 2 something then go camho... with the bride..


but the bride is quite pretty that day... xD LOL.. lucky you gro0m..
neway- seen lotsa ex-schmates... which long time havent seen them
LOL... the day wuz great & drove back.. =D

think thats it.. ned to study! ttfn... =]