haro ppl... i wil bloggg now le....

actually i feel very lazy to be blogging now...
coz i was sick since Tuesday and been taking Panadol juz so
that I dun overheat... lol.. not to mention- flu and cough..

so- i shud be hibernating ok... so that i'd feel better when my
exam comes nex week... & YiNky-chan ask me to update...
or else she'll throw kame-chan at me...

not to mention i kinda screwed my 2nd presentation for Public
Speaking that day... -__-" coz i wuz sick la.. and cant hear voice
clearly.. teacher told me to improve before exam comes.. lol..

my.mid-term.examination.schedule || =P
okie,there's nothing to be happy about.

just a week after my Gen Psychology quiz is the Mid-Terms... =O

and got my result aldy.. its 11.4 out of 15.. haiz.. i reallllyyy need
to do better for the nex exam... think my lecturer barely did much to
cover the chapters... she goes through it dang fast...

at cafeteria.. xD

and yea- last Saturday.. went for the Planetshakers concert at RLC
together with buddies that day... and there's a whole lot of ppl..
but i drove the car that day... xD

there's even Planetshakers college. lol.. as mentioned la..

got lotsa ppl that day... the whole place wuz dang crowded like

anything... and i saw a few ppl like jin yin and the guy she likes..
overall. the concert was not bad at all... although i think the one
in Sunway last year was better... =D

okiE. thats it fer now..
gotta revise for psych exam.. =/