heya ppl.... =) back to bloggging again...

been a busy dude for the past week... coz it wuz mid-term exam
and there's lotsa preparation for nex week's ADP day... & i got a
new Dell lappie :) :) [if u noE wads that]


something went wrong after we had prepared everything...
at least- till we're ready for Monday to post up adverts round
the coll... yea.. we planned already & thenn...

that no-words-to-describe lecturer told us... oh! this cant & that
cant also... -___-" even the group name has to be changed.
yea- as if the name we chose can be wrong & so psychotic....

we're psychology students lah... so obvious we need to use
something related to psych... right? the 'square' does sux.
we cant use snakes.... lol... that was rather expected. it wuz
for da fear-reduction thingi we made up from fear of snakes.. xD


ok... anyway. about my psychology exam last Tues. it went along
kinda well... actually- i have no words to describe it... swt...
only had exam that week & replacement class for Public Speaking
lol... i presented Powerpoint slides and Dr. Steven graded me...

ahaha... it wuz go0d!! =] i did a topic on blogging... so i sourced
materials from several bloggs like pOp's to make it an example...
and several other stuff...

after class... we went to have tea.. LOL.. xD

on the right iz Rueben. just left for Taiwan & deeply missed by Rosh.
LOL!! xD

ok. so... went to coll 'just' for discussion on Friday and Sat...
and let me remind you... its danggg far!! i take 2 years by bus to
reach the square.... and by the time i reach... i'd be cursing the
crappy bus!! and thats partly why i'm tired to blog.. oh help.

class as usual... nex week..

btw, Transformers roXx!! went to watch last Fri with tzuoo & others
highly recommended =)



that Thurs to0... went for Pn Chan's retirement concert... LOL...
it wuz practically like how everything is done at school in a grand
event... so. wasnt very surprised at how things are going.

for her retirement day =] Thanx to Tingy for da photo

bought a bouquet of flowers last minute coz on the way back frm
college... i nearly didnt buy it... lol.. later post piC of it kay...
the usual me. didnt bring cam out that day... swt... but get to
camho with da gals... my classmates.. =]

YiNky however made a very impromptu appearance... xD
she popped out of nowhere like a Carebear!! =O

ok. tired aldy... Monday wil be such a looonnggg day...