special update =] ahaha...

juz came back from the Gala Premiere of Harry Potter 5...
thanx to smashpOp! for sparing me a tiC for the show...

so. this premiere wuz at GSC MidValley. a mall near Bangsar
which i hadn't gone for quite sometime...
pardon me not knowing the way around the parking area.
haha!! so sry pOp fer being late.

was at college today after the tiring Gen Psych quiz...
and rushed back home since got a tiC to watch Harry Potter (:
got the car and went out. sesat-ed myself in the carpark

and thenn went to meet Jason in real-life for da first time...
saw his other friends [mostly frm his blog]
went in but they busted me coz i had a handphone and
had to keep it with the cinema ppl... lol


and the movie was super.NICE my seat wuz at the centre eh!!
of the row... damn chun. thanx again. =D
ok finish d. went collect my stuff from d cinema ppl. talk to pOp
fer a while... and went home.

spoilers- i nearly couldnt find the car. cz parked it faraway. lol

btw, the reason i said pOp owe me lunch coz of [this]... during the
last premiere of Pirates 3.. haha.. jk la! xD
but seems that i owe him lunch nw... LOL.. xD

gotta go now... tomorrow gotta practice for Public Speaking play
at coll in da morning... and schedule for Final Exam are out.. =/
its so-not-cool.