I'm at SEGi's Resource Centre which doesnt really appear as one
coz there are only tables... study table sort of...
pOp ask to update. can lor.

got no mood today. coz Public Speaking play/drama wuz a dragg..
lotsa ppl didn't turn up for da practice... and the real presentation
is on Wednesday. -___-" how to present when we're kinda like
half past six...? and OMG- its 30%... some ppl juz dont bother

they think everyone in the group is getting the same marks.. and
thinking why shud they work so hard... so typical of them...

I felt there is hope la... but seems everyone's about to give up..
Reuben... Peiwen... thought of getting a Plan B... ahaha.. xD
which wuz the 4 of us... to go up to sing and dance.. LOL..

Even the President of my prog's partner university is coming to
watch us.. and they're mostly not anxious... -.-
while slacking around theatre hall... listening to When You're Gone
by Avril Lavigne. made it even worse. felt so emo... haha..

tried to play da D-arpeggio of the song with the piano but cant. xD


what more. Final Exam iz nex week...

i've got several assignments to complete.
including. Eulogy - Public Speaking. Paper Assignment - Biology
Plan Persuasive speech for Public Speaking finals.. Study 6 chapters
for General Psychology... Study several topics for Biology...

worse. Biology got structure ques. -.- luckily no essays... whew
worried coz my bio iz rusted aldy... cant go lo0k for Lim Lock Leng
rigght??? and its in English.. crap- we studied it in Malay.. -__-

ok. gotta go class now...
cya. ttfn.