nw will update again... although should well be doing
studying since nex week is FINALS!!! omg.
i feel the *stress* shud consult Master PrisZen. LOL...

ok. this post not about my public speaking one but its about
outing to Sunway Pyramid with Kaka.the.notty & gang.
Kaka came back frm Perth & din get to meetup the other time

anyway i SWEAR to you- Public Speaking Drama Play
really roXx to da maX!! totally awesome....
the best event of the semester!!


so. Kaka invited me and some others to go meetup.chat.lepak
we went to Pyramid Ice to skate. I haven't been skating for real
ages already... forgotten hw to skate- literally.

anyway.. went with Kaka & Henry to skate.. then Yunxin join us..
then we all went skating... =) kinda fun...
but for a weekday- seem to hav lotsa ppl to0... on Friday
besides- only Yunxin decided to cling to others since she can't
really skate. haha. took turns with Henry to guide her... xD

skated from 1 something till 4.15... since YokeYin and Chee Yin
wuz outside waiting for us... packed up... then went lo0king for
place to go hav a drink/eat... walking around till we decided
to go Kim Gary. cant remember who suggest it but went there...


then we all ordered and eat. Yunxin on the other hand- wanted to
get the other more lengzai waiter to take our order. -__-"
unfortunately- failed! swt... another waiter came by... ahahah..

while waiting. Kaka brought the Freddo Frog choc from DownUnder


then it all started when Yunxin started taking piCs of da handsome
waiter... LOL... we were all were laughing like anything... xD
okie. so this was [so.first.time] till those waiters told us that we're
laughing hysterically that its disturbing the nex table.... ahahah..
den this Kaka start poking me... =P

of the so many times coming to Kim Gary.. never that i've heard
them before telling us to 'tone down'.. and about d waiter affair..
seriously- it was dang FUN! and lame a lil'...
Yoke Yin sez that we all (besides her) are all 'tap-toi' ppl.. a.k.a
tumpang meja ppl... swt...


so. we all made lotsa hustle and bustle... till around 6 o'clock
then we to0k a group photo!!


Henry helped to solve the problem by writing Yunxin's num and
some details to give that waiter. gawd.... i cant help but to
laugh at the lamest thing that they had done... xD
kinda wasted to0.. coz Henry gave the wrong num... lol

ok.la i'm not all that innocent... i was a contributing factor in
being into this.. LOL. & i hear Cass laughing like mad...
nvm... and both of them even to0k a pic... HAHAHAH!
ok. first time Yunxin's abit mad. or rather high. i got their pic
but on second thought- dunwan post the pic le... xD

so. we all left the restaurant trying to be thick-face... xD
and that dude smiled and said thank you while we're leaving
went walkie-walkie... then Yoke Yin bought a belated gift...
for all of us... which was a Birthday Bear! =]

left nearly 7 o'clock... Yunxin sent us all home by her car...
and 6 ppl can fit in her small Getz... LOL...
neway- had the most enjoyable lepak-ing session that day
which was on a significant date! - 20.07.2007

okie. think thats it for this week. will blog when exams over
and semester break starts!! =] gotta plan d... dun wan to
rot during holidays...