w0ot!! Semester holidayss are HERE!!! oMg..
finally- the end of sleepless nights... seriously that week..
wuz totally stressful... even for 3 subject examination... -.-

cant sleep well for the past week... now i can sleep till
god noes when... HAHAHAH! others were apparently
experiencing the same condition... lol...
most anxious exam would be Biology & General Psychology..
where Biology- Structure wuz difficult. Gen Psych wuz very
tricky... cis!!. had lotsa worries then...

i thought my holidays were doomed!! then again- i try to fill
some time into the load of free time... by reading Harry Potter
ahaha.. i started Half Blood Prince but yet to finish... so0n la
nex is Deathly Hallows... bought aldy juz wait i finish first...
i'll also try to read s.l.o.w.l.y.. LOL- juz to merely lengthen
the time reading it... xD hehe! Deli is showing this- "o.O"

then again. another side of me wants to go gym and be fit.
and den another side of me wants to work p/time...
[the CelebrityFitness- 2.49/day lo0ks like a good deal or not]
hmm. i sense the dissociative identity disorder in me.


lol... was suppose to go for a trip together with my coll mates
and 'the family' up to Genting. but wasnt confirmed... haha..
think i got my first week packed with things-to-do...
but wad about 2nd and 3rd week??? omg. dang long can?
well.. Reuben sez that shud study some of nex semester subj
ok. he's been a lil' kuku in studies since... thought of reading
abit on Sociology. but lazy. hahah... Roshan has been
logging on my Hotspot login unknowingly
but he tells me in
the end... O.O i shall change the pwd!!

and so. the news is true that Dennis of So You Think You Can
Dance is going to study in the 'sQuare college SJ' and heard
rumors that in American Degree to0... LOL...
Peiwen is complaining that holiday is boring... ahaha.. even
when holidays hasn't like started- as of today.. xD
June has been like MIA-ing since she finish Public Speaking
earlier than us... probably long gone vacationing... -.-

ok. think thats it... nex wil blog about the drama play i had
as Public Speaking project...