yelloo fellow blogders..
update UPDATE!!.. the semester holidays has been treating me
welll.. ahaha!! seemly well la i guess... nothing to complain
nor saying 'i'm rotting' or wadeva...

about the title... i can't think of anything related.. so there!!
Fleur Delacour...

ahaha~!! in conjunction with HP7- Deathly Hallows.. that i'm
reading sO excitingly.. but start already all da badd stuff happen
this die... that no ear... -.- anyway- i'm continuing to read it =]
Fleur calls Harry- 'Aary.. LOL..

tomorrow... going to coll settle stuff with bursary.. meet Reuben..
and do whateva for fun.. and also to read Harry Potter... xD

and if u see the button on the left. u see that dude there...
<----- click!! and go see... =)


Last 2 weeks... before my Final exam... got an assignment
Public Speaking- which was a play! or drama sort of thing...
got 2 groups performing that day..

my group presented something about detective and mystery..
ok. so, go figure to relate both element... lol..
since got marks in this.. we're so into it la. like serious? abit..


and think that's one of the only show-able photo of us in action..
anyway... it wuz tense coz UIU President, Principle and COO of
SEGi College wuz watching us..
. ahaha...

[L-R]-Dr.DeWayne Frazier---Dr.Alan Walker

The one on the left is the Senior VP for International Programmes
while the other one is the President of Upper Iowa...
They're very friendly indeed... after the play they chatted with us
for a while before the next one... haha.. xD

Anyway... after everything we all had a group photo...

my.classmates.does.roXx.with Dr.Steven Baptist

In this semester to0... I got a family ehhh... how rocky is that!!
ahahah... lol... it wuz Roshan who came up with the family thing


f.y.i- I'm the youngest in da piC.. xD and among the family.. lol
ok.. i didnt create those funny.crappy names... it wuz Priscilla
and Peiwen called this- the Dysfunctional family... LOL. coz some
of us got psychological disorder... ahaha..

Juney not in da pic... dunno where she hopped to... -.-

EXTRA piC. top models of the semester!! ahahah... xD

ok...thats for today..=)