heya ppl... got the sudden 'blogspiration' to blogg again.
and also thanx to YiNky- for torturing getting me to get up
to update abit. since i'm on my final week of holidays...

actually- got nothing much to say... i was hoping to hav
another week of holidays tho.. xD
nvm the boring part... but
unlikely they'll hav holidays.. until the nex one in December
ok. nvm the crapping... -.-


todayy... went for the indoor camping trip that i said last wk.
but didnt camp at all in the end.. dont ask why.. hahah..
its wuz VERY far.... in god knows where ulu place.. got this
block of USJ 12 houses... and we all went there...

but went to meet-up with Rosh.Reuben and Peiwen at SEGi coll
first... went to check ADP Dept. and found out they bloody
change the schedule!!!
they stupidly added Intro to Comp again
after canceling it before.. -.- and some of the changes in
teachers teaching the subj. i'm dropping Management principles
i think... ahahah...

on the realistic side... college starts next Monday... and i got
a week for add/drop subjects... xD and can check out the new
ppl joining the nex intake...

so. continue. we to0k a cab to the house in USJ 12... that also
belongs to Reuben's friend... has a pair of cockers spaniel that
lo0ks alot like Tingy's one- if i'm not mistaken... fact is...
when u keep these pets in captivity... the result would be the
house will smell like DOGS!!
omg. no windows/doors open...

did study circle and then watch TV. they had a Sony Widescrn
TV in the guestroom!! =O plus a Playstation. DVD player and a
library of DVDs.. gawd... i can stay there forever...
Peiwen had her jaws wide openn... coz she has less of TV...
lately... ahahah..

after that ate and then had to leave... and will be meeting
them again tomorrow... LOL...



yea. i mention that day i queued up at Menara Star for the
free tix for Ratatouille...
showing at TGV 1 Utama... lol
*actually thankgod i got the tix. ahah.. =D if not effort wasted
got oni 2 tics. meant for my sisters to go but parents dont let
so... Jeremy and I are going to watch...tonight! LOL.. =P

k. thats all for nw...
blogg ltr =]