yes.. i should be updating coz YiNky has been updating more
than I hav.. -.- and she's also holidaying as well...

Week 1 was ok.
Week 2 is dreadful.humdrum [currently]
Week 3- who noes?

ok. i got nothing to do this week except to
drive around... where's all the ADPians.. i wonder.
yestd. went for midnight movie with Alicia. watched FlashPoint
which wuz nicE..xD the cinema wuz packed la altho midnight..
yet today's already Friday. means the week is over. =)
it felt as though it wuz a month. AND i almost hibernated myself
in the house.

like a POLAR bear.


and thenn.. some updated news that gonna go camping in
USJ 12, Subang with some frienddds... for sum study circle..
on Week 3 before going back to coll... unless i get a joB!

yea- i've been searching high and low for one.. after lo0king
at my Fall Semester timetable. i only got Mon.Tues.Sat to go
for sch. rest are all free time... LOL! xD
c first la... got then work lor.. no then no need lor.. i'm not
that hard-up for a job.. i still can live on my allowances. haha

since i finish HP7 days ago... nothing interests me to read.. -.-
but could read At First Sight again la... which Kaka gave me
early this yr.. and its still with me.. lol forgot to return to her

tomorrow gonna queue-up for Rat.A.Too.Ee tiX.. bwahahaha!!

another old piC which i juz found out...]

to0k this on my last day there... right before going home... lol..
those were the bunch of colleagues that i was close with at office.
too bad the others from Sales Dept. all not in. including Cassandra =/

enjoyed working there tho. luckily they're not some eBil company
pay cheap RM500 intern fee.. like some banks..
and they had this coffee machine that made me addicted to coffee..
haha... non-stop during lunch time. LOL.

k. got nothing to talk aldy.. -__-

wil blog again if got any blogspiration... xD

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