oh hello peeps!!
so late bloggging now. omg.. tomorrow got class!! =O
dun wan go can? coz summer semester results are out..
wish me luck on the results ok? =D

my first class tomorrow iz College maths.. a.k.a A-Level math
or at least- something like that... xD i chose that over Macro
and Accounting I... they stupidly put all those together -.-
least- can see all my classmates again =D and the 'family'

think lotsa ppl of my intake are taking almost the same subj...
so.. yeahh- got kawan... actually got College algebra to0...
but not gonna take coz its F. Maths... after math-phobia.. lol
last week- juz met Peiwen's friend- Su Ling that's joining our
ADP in the new semester.. she's gonna be part of the family to0!
hahah.. oddly so- family.. heh!

Kongrats! to those selected for NS. though me not the one...
hahah... Meng Yean got. chee.tat din get. nicholas got. jeremy
din get. tzuo0 got.. xD kinda random hor? means they select
very adil lo.. nvm. wth..

on a lighter note. i 'apparently' got a job near my house
hahaha. finally its a hands-on kind of job. this wk iz training..
timing very flex to0... =]

right. thats it fer today. wanna go sleep and go class 2mrw
excited i am. hahah.. xD