heya folks!! time to update again...
lol... i'll update periodically... so- got updates every now and then...
dont have much in mind to type out actually... so, its the usual
rants lah... -.- college.life.work and stuff like that...


*points at the title*
this is my 2nd week at college... nothing much but more work and
getting on to study already... College Algebra with applications fr
example... we're doing linear equations... all basic stuff lar...
with all the point of intersect and parallel lines.. lol...

nex was Basic Composition that teacher sent us to KLCC for an
assignment -.- went all the way to centre court to see some big
reprints of the newspaper 50 yrs back then.... so this wuz 10%
of course cannot screw it la... the reprints remind me of the trip
to Singapore during Form 4 to the Straits Times office/SPH...
basically. think it was a waste of time... go there.see.come bak
coz i had Management principles... on the same day...

i went with my groupie. june.peiwen.darren.roshan.
for the assignment/trip to KLCC. massive jam in KL as usual...
-.- lol whats new... had Management principles... teacher again
repeated what he said last week... -.- so. its kinda boring coz
we hear the same stuff again... was late but we joined in later...


about Sociology. this is the interesting part...
Puteri is dropping
the subject. =.= result is that i gotta hack the subj a.l.o.n.e
for assignments/project work in particular.. its times like this when
i feel having a GOOD research partner is vital into getting

good results... coz if not- you're so bloody on your own!!! =.="
like how i see Peiwen going through during her Moral or izzit
Malaysian studies assignment last sem- on her own since her
partner is
trying to be the "passenger"... -.-

anyway. Mr. Ken Chong paired me up with a chinese-speaking
girl which i dunno whether i shud laugh or cry... lol.. xD
i'm kinda speechless lor... -.- hope she does understand me...
think majority of my sociology class are chinese-speaking ppl
...coz they were not so fluent in class while talking in English
only another chinese guy that is fluent as i am.. he's weird..
but wayy senior. his final semester. and a gadget freak..

Sociology quote: Ignorance is not a bliss...
my sociology teacher is quite knowledgeable but at times
kinda boring. but he comes up with funny stuff... haha...
and now its my fav subject... =D

btw. the official result transcript was released the other day...
LOL. some got downgraded.. those got A for Public Speaking
in the end got B for it... not me lar... xD
*f.y.i- getting A or B is a vast difference.. nonetheless, its
difficult to get by looking at the marks required from my
previous entry... not to mention.. CGPA to0!!!!!!!!!!
OMFG. those all As get 4.00 lar... *snorts...

nvm. shall work harder and smarter. and in need of luck. lol

ok. end here for now... =]
Happy 50th Independence Day Malaysia!
a.k.a Merdeka! xD