*try to think what's my title all about*

i'm bored... and yet- i have time to actually rant it...
anyway- nvm... this semester is getting creepier by the sec.
or NOT... lotsa things change when semester changes...

its not the first time...

so well. today had College Algebra.. i felt it was a drag..
he didn't actually waste time but half of the whole time...
we were doing last last week's h/work... coz he was absent
last week.. and neva even mention about replacement to0 -.-

then suddenly got break! o.O? 20mins.. lol. i was surprised
anyway- he taught Matrices and inverse stuff... done lots of
those in secondary years.. lol.. and he suddenly said that
got quiz nex week! omg. worse part is that he didn't say
what chapter/MCQ/ect. iz for the quiz =.=


swt.. and was talking to a senior in class todayyy... she
was in d same class in Biology previous sem... and its her
final semester... and gonna graduate... how nice. lol....
i've still like a looong way to go.. ahaha...
"Finallyy its kinda over..." as she quoted. lol... xD
but seems like so many seniors i meet are going to graduate
so0n... they oni got like 1 sem/2 sem more to go..

weird to realize that each class i go to.. i have different 'gangs'
XD. call me perasan or ect. but TRUE ok!! LOL...
and thats probably why this semester is sooo different. haha
gotta get used to it i guess... as i go further -.-

today too. had met up with June and the others for Basic Comp
group project. gladly- teacher had extended the deadline. lol
i did the one on bylines done. and nex is to do comparison on
topic sentence in newspapers. O.o and den i'm done. =]

nex. is to worry about Sociology -.-
er.like whats new...

and i finally got APA style guide from June today. she got it frm
Abnormal Psych class... me dun hav.. wonder why they like to
expect freshman like us to know all these... we're quite new.. xD
lol. and the format style document got Help Institute logo. ahah
yet. its not about ignorance...

gotta snooze noww. class at 1 tomorrow.
its Management Principles. =P