heylo peeps! time flies. end of the week already...
ahaha... xD seems this week got more time to update.
the week seems fine. With exception that some days will...
somehow experience- you had a bad day...

that you'll go emo. and you'll bite ppl's head off experience some
unfavorable stuff.. like the dang crap bus. and other stories.
to follow.. -.-

notable issues::
Assignments are piling up already. got Sociology.Basic Composition.
Management Principles. and except College Algebra- quiz nex wk!


needless to say. Sociology is almost doomed. with my incompetent
partner- language wise, effort wise. i wonder why they like/prefer
to be kinda ignorant of things... cant they go look or even find out?
and you know ur 'england' not so "powderful" - dont expect me
'not to mind' if you cant perform ok... she literally told me that
-.- damn bu zhi suo wei this fellow...
how not to be worried? swt...

Basic Composition- almost done lahh.... almost oni but not done...
pardon the procrastination.. lol teacher extended the deadline. xD
Management Principles assignment wuz juz given. shud be kinda
ok i guess...

College Algebra with App. wuz weird. suddenly told us got quiz
without telling details... =.= but found out aftr asking him.
and chapter 1 is fairly easy to manage... aha! =P
seems to be only true/false ques. lol


at work. starting to get bored eating what i've been making
daily... yet. i still make it to bring back...

some pics.


wuz making myself a latte thenn.. made a cappuccino... at nite
summore. cant sleep early that night... lol.. but went grinding
some beans then made a few shots to make the above...


with a shamrock- 3 leaf clover

meh... this iz juz a few of the stuff i made when no ones lo0king
also made ice-blended chocolate and other stuff. with choc sauce
and whipped cream...

also this week. went Sushi King with June. they had this RM2
bonanza! for all rice sushi on kaiten belt. XD
the others didnt go. so both of us went and ate to da fullest. lol

that's about it for today.