lalalalala~ i dont feel like blogging but too bored... gotta say
and do somethin' expect lotsa crap in this entry kay!

last week. me went to McD to meet-up with the whole lot of
ex-Adilians and schoolmates... xD
original place wuz supposedly at Banana but got some match
going on... so poof- ended up in McD.. i reached there and
saw Tingy and YiNKy indulging themselves in McD aldy...

every half an hour. they'd go and buy something. nex they
bought the ice-cream sundae. xD i also had one...
and saw Mei Lan again.... last seen at Pn Chan's farewell...
as well as the others...
Yunxin and Tingy is babbling about sumthing.

and again... the others.. Hang Woon, Jia Yao, surprisingly- Rong qin
wuz there and Meng Yean and Melvin and lastly- Creamy Chin ZW
he reached when we're about to leave. ahaha... okla. being gd ppl
we didnt leave but sat there longer..
Tingy is laughing like a donkey~! E-yore.. Yunxin wuz touched.
and wiping her tears... LOL!

ok. anyway. YiNky wuz kau-ing Creamy Chin Ze Wei... at the very
last moment... ahah! Henry in his usual self throwing fries into Tingy's
ahem. somewhere... -.- lame as usual. nothing much changed...
everyone had their own life stories to tell... unlike before. its good.


Other tales... Mid-terms are in juz 2 weeks~!!!! omg. anyway- i'm
still considering whether anod to take LAN. but depends on schedule
anyway. so rest aside.. but not every subj got Mid-terms.. ahaha =P

Sociology research paper is due also during then... RAYA is also after
that... Math quiz wuz a breeze last week... nex week is also quiz..
but on Chap 2- Matrices... Basic Composition- die la... no newspaper
that coincides with the same date... current and in 1957..
Management principles. yet to find info on impacts of empowerment..

yea.. you'll see this [above] all the time.. until i get it DONE..
and wuz kinda disappointed Sociology was canceled and i appeared
there... but June called earlier but wth. i'm almost there.. -.-

Dr. Steven is gonna be Head of ADP dept. ahhahah... xD yea- its
about time... things are ought to change alot from before.
but hope he doesnt give in to SEGi's crap bureaucracy tho...

ok. thats for now.