yello.... update for this week...
this week got very unexpected changes... changes that alters
a student's concentration... eg. mE!

recap for the week... finally finished Basic Composition project
assignment... i stayed up the whole night till morning.. juz to
get it done..
but well- i slept first lah... had work earlier.
Ms. Padma wuz going through the 8 parts of speech that made
us further confused... lol

all the verb phrase.. adverb clause and others. surprised? lol.
never learn this in secondary before. -.- ahah..

Finite Math. is such a draggg... solving linear eq. by matrix
method is driving me up the wall.. =/ teacher din even say
clearly whats augmented matrix.. swt- but i know ed.. xD
and all these are coming out in Mid-Terms!!!!! omg.
Matrices is only Chap2. lots more to gooo...


Here's my rant part. seriously i wanna chop that dude's head off
ok. here's how it goes...

end of LAST semester holidays- this dude borrowed a CD from
me... which he wanted to watch earlier... its A Walk To Remember
so. i was SO kind to lend it to him. let me quote- "LEND" not give.
and thenn- jolly time went past... until NOW- since early August
he hasn't returned it to me....

cheebye fella... KNNCB! [quoted frm Tingy]

HE actually kept it. AS IF its bloody his... -.- i mean - go buy
lah if u want it so much... lend it to him and also have to bug
to return it to me. stupid gay ass... its only courteous wad...
all the lame excuses... forgot la... its in my laptop bag la...

thinking reasonably. u borrow- then return lah automatically...
without having ppl to even ask from you..
same goes for money-
its always convenient to borrow frm others... wads so difficult.
just to return it??? simply cannot trust ppl nowadays

idiotic. ccb ppl... HMPH!


also the reason i restricted this blog... cz they can google my site
out with my name and college.. O.o very weird ppl.

but think i'd restrict it temporarily. see how it goes...
i dont need them to tell me how/what i should be blogging.
and showing their doofus face here...

coz- i might occasionally curse ppl or non-living things...
haha... yea- its a real leap... CANNOT ah?



amazingly. i went fr Sociology class last Thurs to find out they
changed the lecturer... -.-" so. Mr. VJ is teaching the class now..
somehow. i prefer Ken Chong better. Pierre says he's better than
Ken. hmm. we'll see... probably i'm judging Mr. VJ by its cover.
but he's making things much easier for Sociology.
now- is that go0d or bad??

Yvonne instantly said VJ's good, approachable... and ect.
but that sounded rather bias. despite the fact she had issues with
other teacher, Ken Chong. well. it doesnt concern me anyway.

ok.thats for the week.
ahhh- Mid-Terms in a week~!! tension..