Mid-terms... is so next week. LOL. actually got those that started
today. exam i mean. like World Religion and Elementary Stats.

some may think- Mid-terms are nothing. to me lah, you're so wrong
every mark you lose for that subject simply cost you losing the A. ok?
plain and simple... unless u dont care la -.-
esp. they raised the passing marks to 70 for this semester. =/

as Mr. VJ said- ADP students would kill, even for 1 mark..
and it doesnt seem to change.. lol!

Revision this week is quite ok. understood more at least. ned to
practice even more! and had 2 classes of Sociology... something
bothered me quite abit this week.

then again- i'd have to censor myself from saying it here to
prevent such ppl frm hating me. lol... i wonder why some take
things for granted. Example: Working on a project when some of
these co-partners slacking off causing others to do all the work

simple situation. how i felt was, these are ppl who simply have
no character, no accomplishments...


initially. the concept of self-censoring felt so not freedom of speech
yet again. ppl often get offended and thus having them going
undercover and blurt out stupid things on blogs...
like get.a.life. and ect.

i remember Peiwen did a topic on Cyber-bullying for Public Speaking
targeting such sorry asses for blurting out stupid things on blogs.
and yes. self-censoring does avoid such ppl frm getting upset.
i wonder what we should type out in blogs in future...
would it be like.. plain.blank.good.stuff?

even saying things that every individual like to do, offends ppl?
go figure. you be the judge...
example: smashpOp likes to jump. still some ppl go against it.
o.O? by putting stupid comments at his cbox..


neway. today went for Vibrant Youth service with Alex and others
Pastor said lotsa things thats really good... in my opinion even
tzuoo agreed. haha.. he said things about the Good Samaritan and
the wholeness of life... brought in a new perspective related to
life we're living in now. praise God! i feel happy.

k. see ya till after Mid-terms