wow... weee....

finally holidays.... ahahah! =D
then again its Raya holidays... not that anything much is on...
lol. will be at the same place.

nex. Mid-terms. i'm quite amazingly disappointed with Basic
Composition exam. its a English paper f.y.i not merely compo
Final exam got composition. .
neway- that -.- teacher set the exam paper to be answered
totally on the answer sheet....

fact is. its such stupidity to make students copy the hell long of
sentence into the answer sheet and underline juz 1 word.

surprise!! there were 10 sentences... what a wonder. -.-
result is- not enough time to answer all at our fullest potential...
despite drawing another 10 tree diagrams of the sentence...
and it juz added the burden.

Math exam. i shud say is =D. good. wonderful. ahahah....
except i think solving equation by substitution is wayyyy simpler
why torture yourself by doing it via matrices. though its the ques.

all in all- its over.....
*stil i have that !@$#!@#!@ about Basic Composition exam


newayy.. O'Briens has a new menu!! ahaha... =D
i was in for product training the other day fr the new menu.
got new smoothies. new blended coffees. new sandwiches.
note: price of it also new eh!! haha. can drink for 4 bux. xD

most of the prices were up- juz to be inline with other cafes..
well. not that it affects me anyway... lol.


i have till Tuesday as holiday ends then. back to coll on Weds.
to face Basic Comp. teacher... -.-

how many of u would come across a college dude that farts
around in college? O.o i find it peculiar. lol.

and i have a new blogskin coming up so0n.. xD