heya ppl.......

today finished work early... got nothing to do during holidays
so go work lor... i enjoy observing Kristyn freaking out every time
something goes wrong in what she's doing... lol

hahahahaa..... xD

boss wuz commenting why she wuz staring at the coffee machine
...hahahaha actually. wuz teaching her to learn abit...

supervisor wuz saying i'm the only chinese that worked there
for so long till now... yet its oni like 2 months plus.. lol
now who says- patience is a virtue. is not significant. in reality
think the reason why i continued there is coz of patience.
not that i'm short of moolah... or in desperate need...

sometimes cannot tahan those Malays there seriously... -.-
they're so unlike Yuni and the gang which are so cool...
but at times, its quite ok. coz there's some sense of reciprocation
among us... a.k.a toleration...

ok. i'm not gonna rant about that.


left work early today... =D went back to shower and head off
to Curve... heheh... went there to lo0k for Apple Donuts!
not apple-flavoured donuts but the name of the shop.

wuz waiting for it to open in 1U but took dang long... -.-
so wuz chatting with Jeremy but couldnt find so had to ask
him for the whereabouts. its kinda hidden tho...
went to look at O'Briens Curve outlet too.. lol and the donut
shop happened to be behind it... haha


if it werent for the distance- think i'd join the Curve outlet
yestd. some customer-from-hell. told me that we're screwed-up
inside... -______-" coz the other staff kinda screw up that
customer's mood... coz they made the wrong sandwich. was slow
and yadayadayada...
we're not to be blamed actually. not enough staff lah. chillax!!
haiz.... wtv.

ok. goodbyez. got gathering tomorrw.
p/s: why ppl debate Sheikh being the space flight participant? not
actually Cosmonaut/Astronaut/Angkasawan?
I feel he's more than just a participant. A cosmonaut!
as long he get to go space okla... and its 1st Malaysian to Space ok.
- from where i read blogs they assume the Gov paid billions juz to
send him tour space... yes/no? dunno...