nvm the title. which probably gives you- yes! i mean YOU.
an idea of wads going on with my life lately.

nonetheless, gonna do this tagg frm Creamy Chin. -.-


7 things to be DONE before my death.

be madly in love with the one and only gal
get married
have kids
to be a parent. xD
have a successful career.
take good care of my parents.
to be sure that my sisters are married to a decent guy

7 things i will not do even if it kills me.
kill myself

get wasted?
get married to a Malay
cheating on another girl.. ahah
to risk losing a good friend.
drop studies.

7 things i do when i'm away from the public

mind my own business
sing along with the jukebox
act as if there's no chiqs around. (although there are =X)
monitor my balance sheet in my head.
flashback to the good 'ol days...

7 fave sentences/quotes.
huh? whatever la...
so???? cannot AH?
where in the world are you? i searched thru the continents & couldnt find u!
haiz..... swt...
loving someone that's in a rush to throw you away..
oh.. that's a real leap...

7 favourite songs of all time.
For You I Will - Teddy Geiger
Time After Time - Quietdrive
Because You Live - Jesse McCartney
When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne
Do you know - Enrique Iglesias
Photograph - Nickleback
and others...

7 things i'll make you wish you didnt do if you did.
betray my trust

take me as a fool..
act as if you're an idiot, portraying innocence
to be demanding towards me
takes me for granted
think that i'll forever do things for you
saying things without even thinking

7 people I want to tag!!!!
Delia a.k.a Deli
Cassandra Weng
Chee Yin
Kong YOKE Yin
and ect.

ok. thats for today.
tomorrw got class.. >.<