heya ppl...

as usual- didn't feel like blogging as i'll rant the same stuff
again and again... *sigh...
then again. nothing's new seriously.... classes as usual...
many types of ppl as usual... but stress level gettin unusual.

Final Exam is weeks away. to be precise- first week of December
but cannot be juz a week tho... they haven't release schedule yet.

got 4 papers to sit for Finals. and that is so gonna determine
whether i die or live!!!!! =/ sad tetapi benar..
and one of my subj- i 'think' i'm short of 2.5 marks from an A
haiz........ but i'm in denial- i say no, no, no....
wait till Finals first... -.-


oh ya... one of my coursemate got mugged. while on her way home
in Subang near Taipan after college last week. well they stole
practically everything... including withdrawing all her money...
frm the bank... goodbyes to Year-End sale... -__-"

and its a cheebye MALAY!!!! *coincidence? no... but thankfully
she's fine. phew~
coincidentally also. I was also at college having Sociology...
but after that i went bak la... dang unsafe man... -.-
she calls this: "
my fucked up story of my fucked up experience."



Assignments up are Management Principles... due very soon...
which i wonder if the others are even bothered... -.-
its a group assignment. I SMSed them and they don bother to reply
Suppose to meet-up last Thurs... but they were no where to be found...
just so they know- i'm doing my part and thats it la...
and why am i not surprised again?...


about my job- ahahah... counted every last second of my working
hours and stil got mistake and they'll always delay in reimbursing
back to me... as if like dun wanna pay ppl. wth
too bad so sad la.. i'm gonna take Accounting so0n
so cant expect me not to be calculative...
the muffin dang ex. compared to the invoice billed to us... -.-
by the bakery. again- its least of my concern. lol.

today i had a bad.bad.bad day. wuz uber moody. after Sociology
quiz today. hardly got to smell the score of 15.. got 10+...
most of it is like Psychology questions.. =O
knowingly- i score quite low in Psych. then i got agitated when
teacher said he'll check back the ques... -.- coz he himself not sure...
he hitched the ques frm somewhere... swt...

ttfn. =]

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