yo! ppl...

holidays again. short one.... -.- Deepavali is here and gone as usual
ahaha... didn't hav class Wed onwards. wad a bummer.
even not many came for Management class on Tues anyway..

whole lot of changes for ADP Dept... last Monday's briefing wuz superb.
the whole exam hall was filled to the brim!! i came early.. harhar..
the usual academic stuff briefing and Student election for ADP
and there will be a "ADP Command Centre..." uber cool..

some silly entry requirement, TOEFL that i have to do by nex sem or
get kicked out... and LAN subj that i ALSO got to do.. if not gotta pay
600 bux (now offer! 250 oni) cheap? NOT! for something useless...

STILL- i don like the idea of 90% = Grade A
Dr Steven sez it has been a practice at the University. =.=


Gonna cut down on the working days aldy.. since Finals are coming
and coz Kristyn is doing it too... xD
at least there's some motivation at the workplace... LOL!

surprisingly.. her exam week is the same as mine.. hahha... =P
instead of quitting... reducing is good. something like abstinence.
nvm the crapping.. yeah- considered to quit so... things changed.

yean wanna join O'Briens? hahahh..

random: seems that Lin-Dy appears somewhat often that i didnt
notice at the shop... swt...

Life is a Ruff!

SPM starts nex week with bloody BM, the first paper...
seems Biology is not the last paper... unlike last yr and last last yr

neway- All the best to Jeremy, Tzuoo, Alex, Zhan Hong, Y.Rick,
Mandy... and others taking the exam... =]
and also- those takin' 'O' Levels- Sammy, Joce, Shalom, Jacob,
J.B.. did i miss anyone? lol...


another random:: i bumped into the secretary 'i-dont-talk-to' from
Ekowood the other day at 1U... surprised me with- I know you!!
you're frm Malaysia... (i'm like DUH! doofus.. i'm some shadow ah?)
but what she meant wuz Ekowood Malaysia.. -.-"