"Who ever said that life was fair?
When you live without a care,
When you're invincible..."


hola ppl... 2 weeks more to Finals and counting... -.-
exam schedule juz released.. heh! exam oni 2 days... but got 2
papers clashing.. Sociology and College Algebra...=/
probably gotta retain... and some quarantine thingi...

and oh. my English teacher damn strict. as though she's out to get
every student. got back my Mid-terms for Eng101...
i got kinda average la... 22.2 over 30%.. seems she wuz very lenient
while marking the tree diagram. hahah!
or else we all would fail. horribly.
both classes of 100+ppl- 70% failed and 30% passed... go figure!


today- teacher gave class assignment to do a comparison between
American English and British English... its a pair work to0!
and hand-in by 1 p.m

did i mention i hate having all this? esp when you got no choice
but that fella to pair with... -.-
told teacher i wanted to do alone but cannot. she ask me to pair
with the idiotic, lanci guy... or else- the other dude, who talks alot
and doesn't seem to mind what others think of his action.

i thought i had to be convicted of a crime to be paired with
like him... =.=

yet- i got ADP Graduation committee meeting at 1..
end up finishing the assignment by 2 o'clock.


ok. i'm kinda excited about ADP Grad day. tho i'm not grad-ing
and its gonna be at Impiana Hotel KLCC.. ahaha~

i stil got 2 Management Principles assignment, Sociology debate
and lastly- study for Finals.

done- ttfn.