wo0T! I'm back... =D

Last day of Final exam wuz today. had Basic Comp and Management
and don ask how was it.

it was okayyyy.... i guess. lol

finally- vacation!! though indefinitely i got nothing nuts in plan
but going holiday in 2 weeks time... as well as the rest of the ppl
i guess...

Chew and Cynthia wuz wishing the same stuff since last sem...
"SEE you next semester yahh!"

in case you don get it... it sounded as though its damn long and
it felt like deja vu... o.O?
and its a routine to register for subjects for the following semester
others would go around asking... wad subj you taking? ahaha...
I'm taking Accounting I.

since Fall semester officially ended. it feels good. =]

a platter!


wonder if its a chore for ordinary people to face numerous predicaments
after another...

Holiday mood juz left the building when I found out one of
my major
(Management Information Systems) is no longer offered in my programme.

and stupid thing is that they never inform other students.

when asked- answer was it happened a long time ago. crap la!
cb ppl. never say earlier when I selected my major... and how do we
know when you dont tell... lame asses.

another workplace issue. wages... idiotic management. purposely go
until so complicated juz to calc wages. changing methods that are
time consuming when there's an obvious easier way... -.-


Senior's Graduation Day at Impiana KLCC...
this weekend!!

AH! cant wait.... the fun. the party. the clubbing

thats it.