HOLIDAYS! gahhh....

tried to sleep as much as i could but nooo....
gotta wake up early. like mad.

coz needed to go renew passport. it died- so yeah...
i dun wanna be stuck at some border or airport coz it died right?
went to renew at Pusat Bandar. got it done in a jippy.
used the kiosk~

but only get to collect after 2 hrs. so went bak to Phileo
and went bak there again after lunch to collect it.

damn- it juz had to rain.... not juz morning. but the WHOLE day
-.- traffic jams everywhere.

and so thats it.


oh yeah!

Happy Sexy 17th Mustard!
*looks for her pic*


lol. k. this isn't exactly the prettiest pic of her but anyway
its still her. except the ogre-look... ahahahaha =]
should design 'Tai Ass Ru' something like that to0. ahah!

my sincerest apologies for not attending your surprise bash
had issues to settle. and Graduation preps. to settle.
Hope you enjoyed!


Few weeks ago.... ADP had this forum call Snip it or Keep it

it has got something to do with New Media...ect.
wth? i'm there only for the marks!!! yeah- English teacher giving
extra marks to those who attended.

so. the guests were Nick frm 8TV and blogger, Joyce- KinkyBlueFairy.
they discussed various issues about New Media...

one thing that struck me to the bone was about blogging...
what Joyce said was somewhat true... had really thought about it.
She said about- telling out your life-story on blogs....

Now, if your friends were to read your blog- they'd most probably
know most of what's going on in your life. since you blogged all about it.
if you don realize la. (includ. mE) whenever there's a meet-up among
say, friends who read your blog.

it's VERY likely that you got less to talk about since they know most
of what's up... in turn- an adverse effect.
this apparently does apply to ppl who meet regularly. in contrast, it does
not to ppl that live overseas for a long time. In time, the connection
isn't visible anymore... meet-ups are juz to see faces?

well. you be the judge...
unless you can come up something lame of the lamest like Kaka. LOL!
and anyway, i will also try to blog less on personal life, college but
more on thoughts. but will still highlight certain stuff. for fun.

oh ya Tingy... as a gift- come to O'Briens and i'll treat you with a
Tripledecker! =D only! xD call for appointment.

2 more days- to party.

thats fr nw.