haven't been updating. gahhhhh!

partly- coz i don wanna blog at all....
emo? maybe.... but very unlikely.
although. yes i do emo once in a while. lol

YiNky msged me out of the blue. well- its unlikely for someone like
her to suddenly ask how am i.... ahahahahahah!


i sounded emo through my MSN personal message. lol...
kayy.. i admit it does sound emo. like some problematic-emo-guy here
a certain phrase is so emo-ish...

let me continue that phrase la- who thinks about leaving when you're


My point is... Thanks alot YiNky! | proves that at least- someone cares.
not everyone has that kind of empathy i guess...
to me, very few ppl show some kind of empathy...
(too bad YiNky's blog is history already -.-)

ppl nowadays are simply too busy to notice subliminal stuff...
most may have better things to do. than to notice anyone going emo
or suicidal. haha!
[that pretty includes myself =] ]

I often have this thought that- ppl who are emo or kinda suicidal...
would eventually get over it... hahah!
Psychology-wise. this is not the case... further attention is needed
who knows they may actually do it... yet again. as I said before...
ppl nowadays are too busy.

*have a light thinking moment about it...*
or you don feel like thinking. den dont...

cannot emo izzit? -.-

happenings not-so interesting at all..
sandwiches.santa hat.lunch rush.latte art.

I'm lazy to blog about last Sunday's Graduation Ceremony
so. i'll juz put a pic. ahahah! xD


i had a 'lil of fun... juz that it ended damn early.... sad case =.=
it ended around 10 o'clock... lol. and it wuz raining... haiz...

well. goodbyes!

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