First and foremost....

Blessed Christmas everyone! :D

hahaah... went to RLC last night for Christmas event thingi
and then headed off with Jeremy and others to the Curve.
yeah- it wuz madness there.. -.-

clue: fake snow in aerosol tin cans. like everywhere....
and there was a slight jam and i came home around 2...


Bangkok trip wuz a BLAST.
(ahkua and other tales.)

initial plan was to juz shop till someone drops. anyway i'll tell
ya how...

Flew with AirAsia's much acclaimed new Airbus. and yeah- my first ride
with the budget airline actually
. not enuf Miles points for MAS. sad.

LCCT does look like a warehouse... ahaha! and it was crowded
and flight was delayed a while as expected. nonetheless, they
were strict on electrical devices when boarding.

It was my first as well. to go on the plane by STAIRS!
not shocked la.. used to using the Jet bridge to board the plane
but it has a plus point... can see the big bird in front...
although its no big deal to see the dang plane at all.
...again coz its a budget airline as my mum said.

was bored. plane was delayed. and...
(as u noe- this is da WING)
-a.k.a Cassandra Weng/Wing/Wang

and then... it started flying...
I saw a cute air hostess... she was kinda short. wuz wondering
how she could be a flight attendant. oh well, as long she's cute- lol.
things sold on board were expensive. but had a 1901 hotdog.
so.. read a for the 2 hr flight...
and reached the airport in Bangkok...

it was huge... the new airport that was launched last yr.. not too bad.
nice interior and exterior.. looked like a long worm from outside...

like walking from one end to the other...
lucky there were travelator
s... plenty of duty-free stuff along the
way... gone thru immigration and wait for luggage.
took a cab into Bangkok city... =D

traffic jams there are worse than those in KL. really.
anyone drives a Vios? coz its widely used as cabs there. hahah!
the cab driver was zooming like anything. and i was in front. lol.

pose.@.Suvarnabhumi.Airport. xD

more other pics to come...

nex part to come soon. =]